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Atrocitus – The First Red Lantern

After the massacre of Sector 666 and the death of his family, Atrocitus embraced the power of rage to become the first Red Lantern.

Atros saw everyone he loved wiped out by manhunters during the massacre of Sector 666. With only five beings surviving, they became the Five Inversions, hellbent on destroying those they considered responsible: The Guardians of the Universe. His pure and undying rage over the destruction of his homeworld and the death of his family allowed him to become Atrocitus, the First Red Lantern.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical SupportAgility1115710
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1774925

Super Powers

  • Rage Charge: Damage to an enemy. Gain 2 Strength Ups. Legendary: +25% damage per Enraged ally.
  • Choke On My Rage!: Light Damage and apply 4 Crit Chance Downs and 4 Int Downs. 25% chance to call Assist from each Enraged teammate. Legendary: +65% chance to call Assist from each Enraged teammate.
  • Collateral Fury: Damage to all enemies. 75% chance to apply Enrage and 2 Strength Ups to each teammate. Legendary: All Enraged teammates attack random enemies.
  • Red Power Ring: 30% chance to revive teammates with 40% Health and Enrage. Legendary: Equal chance to revive Atrocitus with 40% Health and 20% Shield.
  • Berserker: Allies that are Enraged gain +50% Damage and +50% Speed. Legendary: At the beginning of battle, apply Enrage to teammates. Also apply 2 Strength Ups and 15% Shield to all allies.

Legendary Order


Atrocitus works best as a Team Leader, and his ability to enrage teammates at the start the match while applying strength ups and shield make him very well suited for the job. Enraged allies will hit harder and faster without having to use his third move to gain their enrage. With his third legendary, all enraged allies (either enraged before the move or enraged by the move) will strike random foes, essentially calling an assist from each hero on his team. His second legendary also allows him to call on the support of his furious allies once more. His first upgrade is definitely the least needed, as Atrocitus isn’t damage heavy to begin with and the extra damage won’t be much help when there are better things to spend with his points.


Atrocitus works very well with heavy damage strikers, and even better with Wonder Girl, who can almost one shot any hero with her enraged basic thanks to Atrocitus’ enrage damage bonus and the enrage damage bonus of her own first move. Atrocitus almost guarantees your heroes will make the first move, though there are some heroes that will simply be faster, Reverse Flash, for example. A taunting tank can also help Atrocitus by keeping him and his other allies safe while Atrocitus calls constant assists, demolishing the enemy team before any foes can target anyone but the taunter. We recommend pairing him with heroes who have a multi-hitting basic for maximum damage. Look below for recommended synergies!

Wonder Girl, Starfire, Larfleeze, Power Girl, Solomon Grundy, Ares, Etrigan, Harley Quinn Mad Jester

Countered By

Atrocitus can send his entire team after the enemies on the first turn, but beware of death or damage immune taunters who take the entirety of that first wave of damage and render it useless, notably Power Girl. The Red Lantern has decent defense and health, but can be taken down very easily by most energy toons. Heal immunity also poses a great threat, completely negating his ability to revive himself and his teammates. Also beware of having allies with Atrocitus who cleanse debuffs and apply debuff immunity to themselves and their teammates. Enrage, while useful in this team comp, is still a debuff!

Supergirl, Larfleeze, Starfire, Terra, Swamp Thing, Mera, Power Girl, Superman, Dr. Fate, Clayface

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