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Batgirl – #BatgirlOfBurnside

Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Gotham police commissioner James Gordon, dons a cape and cowl to fight crime as Batgirl.

Inspired by Batman’s example, Teen-aged Barbara “Babs” Gordon took up her own secret crusade against Gotham’s criminals as Batgirl until a terrible encounter with the Joker. After a crippling injury, she continued to fight crime with her brilliant mind and unparalleled computer skills. After a long rehabilitation, Barbara was able to resume being Batgirl and fight crime with her wits, skill and plucky spirit.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical SupportAgility1539710
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1453925

Super Powers

  • Precision Strike: Damage to an enemy. Bonus Damage if enemy has no buffs. Legendary: Call Assist if enemy has no buffs.
  • Target Analyzed: Gain 4 Evasion Ups. Always Purge 5 Buffs from an enemy and reduce Turn Meter by 25%. Legendary: Gain Invisibility. Purge 5 Awareness and +5 buffs if Batgirl has Evasion Up.
  • Say Cheese!: Damage to an enemy. +70% Damage if Evasion Up on Batgirl. If no Evasion Ups, gain 3 Evasion Ups. Legendary: Apply 5 Hit Chance Down.
  • Missed Us: Passive ability – If enemies miss an attack, apply Light Damage and Purge 3 Buffs. Legendary: Counter-attack Can’t Miss. Gain 1 Crit Chance Up.
  • Neighborhood Defender: Team Leader – When any ally evades, all allies gain Heal and Crit Immunity. Legendary: Team starts battle with 3 Evasion Up.

Legendary Order


Batgirl’s legendary upgrades help expand her kit, with her 5th Leader Bonus giving her team some much needed protection via evasions at the start of battle. Her 4th upgrade is the most situational; it would prove useful against another evade team, but also could put the team at risk of retaliation from characters like Wonder Girl with the self-buffing with Crit Chance Ups.


Batgirl loves to evade, and she rewards her teammates for doing so with some nice and healthy heals! Pairing her with a character like Harley Quinn – Mad Jester can make for an impenetrable wall of evasions that enemies can’t bypass.

Harley Quinn Mad Jester, Batman Beyond, Black Canary, Siren, Livewire

Countered By

Can’t miss characters make it hard for Batgirl and her team to dodge and heal. Can’t miss Energy characters like Steppenwolf can wreak havoc on Batgirl and her allies.

Steppenwolf, Terra, Starfire, Deadshot Hired Gun, Superman, Cyborg Superman


Batgirl takes Evade teams to a new level with her ability to heal and support them. She brings a lot of utility to the table with purges and assist calls as well, making her a stellar team leader.

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