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Deadshot – Hired Gun

Floyd Lawton is an expert marksman and gun-for-hire with a death wish. For the right price, he’ll hit his target or die trying.

As a child, Floyd Lawton tried to end his abusive father’s reign of terror with a single shot. But when his aim went astray, Floyd accidentally killed his beloved brother instead. Vowing to never again miss, Lawson became the world’s greatest marksman and criminal gun-for-hire. Never quite shaking the guilt of his brother’s death, he harbors a reckless death wish with only his daughter Zoe giving him a reason to live.


Deadshot is a Physical Striker character with a base speed of 94. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Wrist Guns: Light damage and 10% True Damage to an enemy. Legendary: Gain 100% turn meter if target killed.
  • Aim Down Sights: Gain 5 Crit Chance Ups, 50% chance to gain 40% turn meter. Legendary: Cooldown -1
  • Bounty Shot: Heavy damage to an enemy. Cooldown -1 for all Deadshot moves if target killed. Legendary: Gain invisibility if target killed.
  • Perfect Aim: Passive ability – Can’t miss and +40% Crit Damage on self. Legendary: Gain invisibility at start of battle.
  • Eagle Eye: Team Leader – All allies gain +12% Crit Chance. Legendary: All allies gain +100% Crit Chance on their first turn.

Legendary Order


Using Deadshot as your Team Leader is highly recommended — the guaranteed critical attack can make battles — especially in PvP — go quickly and in your favor.


Deadshot is a lethal assassin, and giving him the right tools can annihilate the enemy’s plans. Pairing Red Robin with Deadshot works very well — Red Robin benefits from the guaranteed crit, helping his otherwise measly damage, and he can grant Deadshot True Sight — helping Deadshot eliminate Mystical characters like Wonder Girl hiding behind taunters.

Red Robin, Harley Quinn – Quite Vexing, Katana

Countered By

Energy characters can get rid of a pesky Deadshot, but thanks to his invisibility buffs he can be hard to get to. Characters with True Sight can shoot him behind his invisibility, making Batman – World’s Greatest Detective and Red Robin good counters in the sense that they enable their team to eliminate him more efficiently.

Red Robin, Batman – WGD, Power Girl


Deadshot gives his team an incredible boost with a guaranteed critical attack, and his ability to one-shot most Mystical characters without ever missing makes him a very good character to have in your roster.

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