PvP Meta Tier List

Last Updated with votes from September 2018

Trying to find who the best characters are to take into your PvP fights? Because PvP fights use other players’ characters, fights can be tougher than playing against the campaign. With each month, new characters are introduced and can shift how the playerbase fights one another.

This tier list is voted on by the community, and the results are calculated and displayed below. To share your opinion on which characters are good for the PvP, feel free to vote here: October 2018 PvP Tier List Voting. Thanks for your input!

Not much has changed since August’s tier list, with new characters Atrocitus and Larfleeze both debuting in the B Tier this month. Characters whose tier rank has changed feature a notation beside their name; (+) for up a tier, (-) for down.

Top Tier

Characters worth investing in without a doubt.

B Tier

Characters who need a little help from the team to reach their full potential.

C Tier

Average characters who do their job but don’t bring anything special to the table.

F Tier

The worst characters, ones not worth investing in.


The largest portion of respondents have been playing DC Legends for over a year (47.6%), with an additional 18.1% having played the game since its beta. Most respondents’ rosters were G10 or above. (25.6% at G10, 56.1% at G11) Only one  respondent had been playing for less than a month, and 4.9% of respondents have only reached gear rank 8 or below.

.CSV Spreadsheet of Votes

Note: New characters, Two-Face and Riddler,  were not included in this month’s votes.