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Donna Troy – The First Wonder Girl

The first Wonder Girl and a founding member of the Teen Titans, she now fights for justice going by her own name: Donna Troy.

As a living key to the Multiverse, Donna Troy has had an ever-shifting past of multiple lives. She is the original Wonder Girl, a younger sister to Diana, Princess of Themyscira, raised among the Amazons. She is a formidable warrior, second only to Wonder Woman herself and one of the founding members of the Teen Titans.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical TankAgility1396305
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina15071195

Super Powers

  • Roundhouse Kick: Damage to an enemy. 20% chance to Stun. Legendary: 35% chance to use Roundhouse Kick again.
  • Amazonian Challenge: Gain Taunt and apply 1 Awareness (Always) to the whole team. Legendary: Use Amazonian Challenge at the beginning of battle.
  • Downwards Strike: Damage to an enemy. 60% chance to Stun. Legendary: +30% chance to Stun if all allies have 4+ buffs.
  • Swift Retribution: Passive ability – Each time an enemy damages an ally, Donna Troy gains 20% Turn Meter. Legendary: 40% chance to counter with Roundhouse Kick when Donna Troy gets hit.
  • Multiverse Presence: Passive ability – At the end of each teammate’s turn, if teammate has 6+ buffs, purge 2 buffs, apply 20% Turn Meter and reduce cooldown by 1 on all abilities. Legendary: Also always apply 1 Awareness.

Legendary Order


Donna Troy is a round 0 Mystic taunting tank — the first of her kind, but she sadly needs more upgrades than just her beginning taunt to truly be valuable to the team. Taking her 2nd upgrade too early can leave her vulnerable — with only one Awareness protecting her. Taking her 5th and 4th upgrades first gives her more utility and ability to offensive capabilities, which greatly extends her chance to hold her own in battle. While she’s a good character in the right teams, she needs many legendary upgrades to get the most out of her.


Donna Troy synergizes well with characters who can apply buffs on their own turn (because when the turn ends, it will grant them Awareness.) Characters who give team wide buffs can also be helpful. A leader like Wonder Woman – Defender of Justice can spread buffs in spades and help the team be more protected through Awareness, and characters like Bane and Mera can also give out hearty buffs as well!

Wonder Woman – Defender of Justice, Bane, Huntress, Mera, Reverse Flash

Countered By

Buff immunity and bleeds spell trouble for Donna Troy and her team. Preventing her from protecting her team through taunts and Awareness makes it hard for her to bring much value to the fight, which is why characters like Wonder Woman – Princess of Themyscira and Red Robin can nullify her impact. Bleeders like Cheetah can move fast and apply debuffs that strip Donna and her team of their Awareness on both turns. Characters lose one Awareness on attack, and one Awareness per bleed debuff on their own turn. Her fellow Titan Beast Boy also has a basic attack that can strip two Awareness, and Catwoman also enjoys stealing them, too!

Wonder Woman – Princess of Themyscira, Red Robin, Cheetah, Dr. Poison, Beast Boy, Catwoman


Donna Troy isn’t quite the counter to Wonder Girl that most players hoped she would be — but she does enable a lot of characters to come out of the woodwork and apply their buffs freely — something that hasn’t been happening in the PvP since Wonder Girl’s introduction. Her true value lies in her ability to protect her team with Awareness, which has become quite easy to counter. Donna Troy isn’t overpowered — she won’t be 1v4ing any PvP matches, but she is balanced and supports her team well, as long as they can pull their own weight, too!

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