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Catwoman – The Princess of Plunder

A world-class thief and burglar, Selina Kyle’s greatest theft might be stealing the affections of Batman.

Gotham City taught Selina Kyle that nothing comes for free — unless you take it yourself. As a world-class burglar, she steals from the rich and gives, well, mainly to herself. But beneath a calculating exterior, she has a few soft spots in her heart, most notably for Batman. She has a complicated relationship with the Dark Knight but is not above occasionally doing the right thing, walking the fine line between hero and villain as only a cat can.


Catwoman stats at Level 80, Legendary 5, Gear Rank 11

AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical SupportAgility1443710
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1250925

Super Powers

  • Whiplash: Damage to an enemy, always purge 2 Buffs and gain 2 Speed Ups if Catwoman is Invisible. Legendary: Steal all Awareness and True Sight from target. Purge 5 Buffs if the target has a Positive Immunity.
  • Misdirection: Gain Invisibility and Turn Meter Up +40%. Invisibility duration +1 if teammate is Taunting. Legendary: On dying, 50% chance to use Misdirection, gain 8 Evasion Up and Heal.
  • Hit and Run: Damage to an enemy, gain 3 Speed Ups. Apply Stun to target.Legendary 1: Purge all Buffs on the target. Legendary 2: Apply Stun to target. Steal all Positive Immunities on target if Catwoman is Invisible (before purge.)
  • Distraction: 38% chance to gain Invisibility and Heal on a turn when Catwoman or a teammate takes damage. Legendary: Also gain 1 Evasion and 1 Speed Up.

Legendary Order


Catwoman is all about stealing and purging buffs, and her legendary kit gives her some awesome abilities to accomplish this. The second upgrade for her 3rd move adds a stun, which can give her further synergy with other stun characters. Her 1st upgrade is great for facing Awareness-heavy compositions, making it another great early upgrade. Her cheat-death on her 2nd move works surprisingly well to buy her time, and it can proc multiple times. This cat’s got 9 lives!


Catwoman works well when she has a taunter to hide behind and keep her invisibility up and running. She is a great purger all around, but don’t expect her to deal massive amounts of damage. Consider bringing in another Physical character with her if you need to quickly eliminate pesky Mystics.

Superman, Power Girl, Red Robin, Harley Quinn – Mad Jester, Poison Ivy, Wonder Girl

Countered By

Hard-hitting energy toons will make quick work of Catwoman, as will anyone that can bypass her invisibility with True Sight. Approach characters like Powergirl and Red Robin with caution…those who you can steal valuable buffs from can also be your downfall!

Power Girl, Red Robin, Batman Beyond, Killer Frost, Larfleeze


Catwoman brings wonderful utility to her team and is able to cut through enemies who depend on buffs, especially Awareness, with ease. Her ability to cheat death and heal herself makes her even more potent.

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