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Larfleeze – Agent Orange

Betrayed by the Guardians, Larfleeze vowed to acquire everything due to him: the entire universe.

Millenia ago, Larfleeze rose from being a slave to the leader of a band of interstellar thieves, never suspecting where his greed would ultimately lead him. On his quest for treasure, he discovered the Lantern of Avarice that filled him with insatiable greed and immense power. Striking an uneasy bargain with the Guardians of the Universe, he was granted sole control over the Vega System until unauthorized access to his sector caused him to break the deal and come after the Green Lantern Corps.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Special StrikerAgility1404660
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1391675

Super Powers

  • Life-Stealing Blast: Damage to an enemy. Drain 10% health. Legendary: 40% chance to double healing received from Life-Stealing Blast.
  • It’s All MINE!: Steal 1 buff from every hero and steal 10% Turn Meter from each enemy. If no buffs are stolen, gain 2 Int Up. Legendary: Always gain 3 Int Up.
  • Orange Crops: Heavy Special Damage to an enemy. +10% Damage per buff on Larfleeze (Max 10). Legendary: Purge all buffs from target.
  • Power Battery’s Avarice Vortex: Each time Larfleeze is debuffed, 65% chance to purge 2 debuffs from himself. Legendary: Also gain 20% Turn Meter.
  • Your Soul Is MINE!: Each time an enemy dies, Larfleeze gains 5 permanent Int Ups and 30% Turn Meter. Legendary: Each time an ally dies, gain 5 permanent Crit Chance Up and 100% Turn Meter.

Legendary Order


Larfleeze is wonderful for stacking buffs, getting stronger and stronger as more allies and enemies fall. Unfortunately sometimes enemies and allies won’t have buffs to fuel him, so it’s recommended that you upgrade his buff stealing to always grant intelligence ups first. His 5th legendary is amazing but also can be considered situational, as ideally none of your heroes will fall in battle, but it happens. It’s best to benefit from an allies death as much as you can. The purging of all buffs on his third legendary can come in handy at purging buff heavy heroes and even pesky death and damage immunities, so look out Superman and Power Girl. As Larfleeze isn’t very speedy, the additional turn meter from purging a buff helps greatly with pushing him to move more.

His first legendary, while it may sound great, is definitely one to save for last. His healing is minor, even when dealing heavy damage and a forty percent chance to double 10% of the damage done to 20% in healing is mediocre at best.


Larfleeze synergizes incredibly well with revive heroes, most notably AtrocitusSwamp Thing, and White Lantern Sinestro. Each of those heroes can revive multiple allies, allowing Larfleeze to almost have a guaranteed critical hit every turn. Agent Orange can also go well with heroes that provide team buffs and their own buffs, as Larfleeze can take anything; awareness, damage immunity, etc. Finally, Larfleeze benefits from any allies that can apply reliable intelligence downs to the enemy team, making even his basic strike with incredible force. Look below for recommended synergies!

Atrocitus, White Lantern Sinestro, Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn Mad Jester, Constantine, Starfire, Jessica Cruz

Countered By

Like all great green buff toons, Larfleeze is a definite victim to Wonder Girl teams, as he stacks buffs quite frequently and her lasso passive absolutely crushes him. While he may buff himself heavily and strike hard, he has average defense and simply can’t ward off those high powered Mystical foes.

Wonder Girl, Zatanna, Constantine, Wonder Woman Champion of the Amazons, Swamp Thing


Larfleeze is very well rounded. Some think a bit too much, so a potential nerf could be in the works if the complaints continue, possibly taking away his everlasting buffs on ally and enemy death. Avoid Wonder Girl at all costs. Pairing with Starfire works very well, as the two special damage strikers consistently go off of one another.

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