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Batman – World’s Greatest Detective

Sworn to avenge the murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne strikes fear into the hearts of Gotham City’s criminals as Batman.

After bearing witness to the senseless killing of his parents, young Bruce Wayne was set on his life’s mission to fight the evils that lurk in the night. With training from across the globe and an arsenal of cutting edge technology funded by the Wayne fortune, he adopted a fearsome bat persona to intimidate criminals. Relentlessly pursuing those that prey on the innocent, Batman seeks to save others from suffering the losses he has endured.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical SupportAgility1404710
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1417925

Super Powers

  • Batarang Throw: Damage to an enemy. Purge 2 Buffs from target. Legendary: Purge 2-3 extra Buffs.
  • Detective Work: Apply 2 Affinity Power Ups and True Sight to all allies. 50% chance to apply 40% Turn Meter Up to each ally. Legendary: Lowers the Cooldown of all moves by 1 for all allies.
  • Synthesize Cure: Purge 10 Debuffs and Heavy Overheal to an ally. Legendary: Also apply 100% Turn Meter Up if used on a teammate.
  • Explosive Batarangs: Damage and Purge 3-4 Buffs from each enemy. Legendary: Purge all Buffs from each Invisible enemy.
  • Precision Strikes: All allies have a 50% chance to Purge 1 Buff and gain 2 Affinity Power Ups (2T) if damaging an enemy. Legendary: If Precision Strikes hits, 50% chance for ally to also gain Awareness.

Legendary Order


Batman’s rework has kept him largely the same as before but with some pretty nice upgrades. Consider moving up his Team Leader upgrade if you find yourself running him as leader often — but keep in mind it’s only a 50% chance to apply Awareness when the other 50% buff purge activates.


Batman – World’s Greatest Detective enjoys stripping buffs from enemies, and pairing him with other allies who do the same can keep enemies from ramping up. Consider pairing him with Wonder Woman – Princess of Themyscira to help keep your team free of debuffs as well.

Wonder Woman – PoT, Wonder Girl, Red Robin

Countered By

Energy characters can counter Batman nicely. Consider taking Batman out fairly early; his True Sight granted to his entire team can make your entire team vulnerable, unable to hide with invisibility or taunts.

Jessica Cruz, Superman, Power Girl


Batman – World’s Greatest Detective brings great utility to the game by being able to lower ally cooldowns and grant 100% turn meter. His damage is on the weaker side, so when using him consider bringing in another, heavier-hitting Physical character to deal with pesky Mystical characters.

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