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Wonder Girl – Champion of War

With powers inherited from the god Zeus, Wonder Girl relentlessly fights evil and protects her friends. Cassie Sandsmark started her heroics at a young age when her archeologist mother and Diana Prince worked together. To aid Wonder Woman, Cassie wore two magical artifacts, the Gauntlets of Atlas and Winged Sandals of Hermes, until eventually she discovered her real powers came from the great god Zeus himself! Along with a magical lasso given to her by Ares, Cassie channels her fearsome temper into the fight against evil.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical SupportAgility1404710
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1391925

Super Powers

  • Wonder Combo: Damage to an Enemy. +50% Crit Chance if Target has any buff. Legendary: 50% additional damage. +100% damage and can’t miss if enraged.
  • Boon of Olympus: Give 3 Strength up and 15% Turn Meter to all allies. Give 2 additional Strength Up if all enemies have 1+ buffs. Legendary: Purge 2 debuffs from each ally.
  • Lasso of Lightning: Damage to all enemies. Double damage if all enemies have 2+ buffs. Legendary: Purge 3 buffs from all enemies.
  • Birthright: Passive ability. Each time an enemy gains one or more buffs on their turn, 65% chance to gain 1 Str Up. Legendary: Additionally gain 2 Crit Chance Ups.
  • Divine Balance: Passive ability. At the start of each enemy’s turn, if that enemy has 6+ buffs, purge 2 buffs and 70% chance to use Lasso of Lightning. Legendary: Also purge 3 debuffs from Wonder Girl.

Legendary Order

3 – 1 – 4 – 2 – 5

Wonder Girl becomes a powerful debuffer to add to your team with her 3rd legendary upgrade. Her first upgrade increases her damage and adds synergy with enrage allies like Atrocitus. It’s worth noting her 2nd and 5th upgrades purge debuffs, including enrage. Some players prefer to only take the first four upgrades, leaving her self purge out.


Wonder Girl has synergy with many characters thanks to her out of turn attacks, purges and debuff cleansing. She works well having a taunter to protect her, like Power Girl who in return benefits from Wonder Girl’s strength up buffs. Find more synergetic characters below!

Atrocitus, Power Girl, Wonder Woman – COTA, Giganta

Countered By

Countering Wonder Girl means stopping her before she has too many chances to use her out of turn lasso. An effective way to do this is by utilizing high burst damage physical characters, like Deadshot – Hired Gun, and getting past any taunters who protect her with True Sight that Red Robin can provide. Evasions can also be effective — up until Wonder Girl strips them!

Deadshot – Hired Gun, Red Robin, Harley Quinn: Mad Jester, Batman Caped Crusader


Wonder Girl’s arrival to DC Legends changed the game’s PvP scene dramatically, with her initially being a must have character. Fighting a Wonder Girl team still requires careful thought and planning of the battle that will unfold. You must be careful to either not buff your team too heavily and face her wrath, or eliminate her quickly and then let the buffing begin!

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