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Katana – Samurai Warrior

Wielding a cursed Samurai sword that holds the soul of her husband, master martial artist Tatsu Yamashiro seeks to punish all criminals.

Torn between the love of two brothers, when Tatsu married Maseo, his brother Takeo joined the Yakuza and challenged his brother with the ancient sword, “Soultaker”. Killed by the mystical sword, Maseo’s soul was trapped in the cursed blade. After the tragic loss of her family, Tatsu took up Soultaker and now wields it with her considerable martial arts skills in the pursuit of justice. She seeks to free her husband’s soul while relentlessly punishing criminals.


Katana is a Physical Striker Mystical character with a base speed of 89. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Siphoning Strike: Damage to an enemy. Steal 2 Buffs from Target. Legendary: Can’t Miss
  • Commune with the Fallen: Gain 4 Critical Chance Ups. Gain 1 Evasion Up for each dead enemy. Purge 6 Debuffs from Katana. Legendary: Gain a 15% True Heal
  • Falling Blade: Damage to an enemy. 50% Increased Critical Damage. Legendary: 40% chance to use Commune with the Fallen if target is killed.
  • Soultaker(Passive): Katana’s critic al hits grant her 35% turn meter and steal up to 2 buffs from the target. If target is killed, gain death immunity instead. Legendary: Cooldown of all Super Powers -1 if Target is killed.
  • Outsider(Team Leader): Katana has 109% increased Health and deals 1.5% of a target’s max health as damage for her debuff on the target (max 15%). Legendary: Katana steals all immunities and awareness from a target when damaging them.

Legendary Order


Katana works best as a Team Leader, as she can be easily one shotted by most reds without the additional health. Adding the ability to steal immunities and awareness make her a formidable foe for heroes like Deathstroke and Power Girl. With the ability to never miss on her basic, she’ll always steal two buffs, including evasion ups, along with any immunities. Then, you’ll want to be able to heal 15% of her maximum health with each use of Commune with the Fallen, which is an important skill to use as it grants critical chance and evasions, while also purging any pesky debuffs an enemy may have landed on her. The final two can be swapped with need.


Katana works very well with a hero such as Poison Ivy, who can copy the buffs she’s stolen onto the entire team. When stealing death immunity and awareness, Katana can call Ivy to spread those buffs and make a team almost indestructible. Katana pairs well with a taunter, who can protect her even though she has such high increased health. Heroes that grant turn meter make wonderful allies, allowing Katana to continuously strike and severely damage the enemy team.

Power Girl, Cyborg Superman, Cheetah, Deadshot Hired Gun, Clayface, Lobo

Countered By

Death immunity is Katana’s greatest ally, so beware of heroes that can debuff, especially those of the physical affinity. Heroes like Supergirl and Raven reduce critical chance and critical damage for Katana, effectively blocking her from what she does best (quick, heavy damaging critical hits).

Catwoman, Wonder Girl, Raven, Supergirl, Harley Quinn – Mad Jester


Katana is great, but works best as Team Leader, so it’s best to build around that. Death immunity is incredibly important for her, as it keeps her alive as long as possible. Try to consistently keep death immunity by attacking low health targets and praying for the strike to be critical.

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