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Lobo – The Main Man

An intergalactic bounty hunter with a twisted code of honor, Lobo revels in ultraviolence and the thrill of the chase.

As the last of his alien race, Lobo’s story would be tragic – if he wasn’t the one who caused his planet’s destruction. Arrogant, rude and violent, Lobo makes a living hunting targets across the galaxy, causing enormous destruction along the way. With nearly unlimited regeneration abilities, Lobo always comes back for more. A target in Lobo’s sights can run but they can’t hide from the Main Man.


Lobo is a Physical Tank character with a base speed of 83. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus


  • The Garrote – Damage to an enemy. Damage +100% if Lobo is taunting. Legendary: Apply 2 bleeds that can’t miss.
  • The Main Man – Gain 5 taunts, light heal, +3 Stamina Up. Legendary: Apply Turn Meter Down -15% to enemies above 50% HP.
  • Spacehog Surprise: Heavy damage to all enemies. Legendary: Apply 1 Bleed to all enemies.
  • You Want Some?: Passive ability – 75% chance to use The Main Man when anyone dies. Legendary: Gain Turn Meter Up +50% when anyone dies.
  • Banned from the Afterlife: Passive ability – For each ally alive, Lobo has a 33% chance to revive up to 3 times, with 60% health. Legendary: 75% chance to use Spacehog Surprise upon revive.

Legendary Order


Lobo can manipulate turn meter and apply bleeds with surprising accuracy and speed thanks to his legendary upgrades. One thing worth noting is to avoid his 4th legendary upgrade — giving him turn meter on anyone’s death is counterintuitive to his kit, making his own taunts wear off more quickly and opening his team up to attacks.


Lobo works well with characters who like it when their allies die and get stronger as a result. He also works nicely with bleed characters with his ability to apply AoE bleeds and ones that can’t miss.

Constantine, Jessica Cruz, Deathstroke, Dr Poison, Chemo

Countered By

Heal immunity is the best way to nip Lobo and his constant revives in the bud. His tanky health pool and relatively fast speed also means that a strong hitting Energy character will be best at eliminating him quickly.

Green Lantern – Hal Jordan, Red Hood, Mera, Swamp Thing


Lobo has been tamed since his initial release when he could revive unlimited times, but that hasn’t changed his usefulness. He’s a potent character in bleed and revive teams, powering up his allies and protecting them with his beefy taunt and stamina gains.

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