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Vixen – Avatar of the Animal Kingdom

From super-model to super-hero, Mari Jiwi McCabe uses the power of the ancient Tantu Totem to channel the power of the animal world.

Raised in embattled Africa nation of Zambesi, Mari McCabe was orphaned at a young age. She emigrated to America as a child and eventually became a renowned super-model. But when she inherited the ancient Tantu Totem that the trickster god Anansi bestowed on her family, she discovered she could channel the powers of any animal on Earth. Now, she uses her powers to protect the innocent and juggle a life of super-heroics and fame.


Vixen is a Physical Tank Mystical character with a base speed of 91. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Tiger Claws: Light damage to an enemy. 85% chance to reset power cooldowns. Legendary: Gain 2 Speed Ups
  • Fury of the Bear: Light damage and remove 3 positive immunities. 80% chance to strike twice. Adds 2 cooldown to other powers. Legendary: 25% chance to apply buff immunity.
  • Flight of the Eagle: Light damage and apply 3 Evasion Downs. Can’t Miss. Adds 2 cooldown to other powers. Legendary: 25% chance enemy loses their turn meter.
  • Might of the Rhino: Light damage to an enemy. Apply 2 bleed. Gain 6 stamina ups. Adds 2 cooldown to other powers. Legendary: 65% chance to apply stun if target is bleeding.
  • Morphogenetic Field: Team Leader – 65% chance to gain 30% turn meter when an enemy gains a buff. Legendary: 50% increased stamina.

Legendary Order


Vixen is a character with truly wonderful legendary upgrades. Her 4th is a great first upgrade, and makes her more than capable of holding her own at Legendary rank 1. Might of the Rhino is likely the one move that will be used in battle more than others. Giving her increased stamina and speed ups help enable her to survive longer and go more often.


Vixen is a Swiss-army knife character with multiple tools in her kit. This makes it easy to slot her into many teams. She works particularly well with Constantine and other bleed friends.

Constantine, Poison Ivy, Chemo, Ares, Killer Frost

Countered By

Hard hitting Physical characters like Deadshot – Hired Gun can make quick work of Vixen’s beefy health pool. Buff purgers like Wonder Girl can make her own stamina gains turn against her and her team as well.

Deadshot – Hired Gun, Wonder Girl, Red Robin, Huntress


Vixen is a truly phenomenal character to have on your team, and the only reason she isn’t spotted more often is because of the relative rarity of obtaining her shards. She’s perfectly viable at L1, but truly shines once she has multiple legendary upgrades.

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