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Livewire – Shock Jock

After gaining electricity powers, Leslie Willis shifted careers from radio DJ to full time super-villain.

As a radio “shock jock”, Leslie Willis enjoyed nothing better than making Superman the target of her on-air rants. Her disdain for the Man of Steel turned into full-blown hatred after a bizarre accident nearly killed her, causing her to become a being of electrical energy. Blaming Superman for the mishap, she continues to torment the Man of Steel not only with her sharp tongue but also her impressive electrical super-powers.


Livewire is a Special Striker Energy character with a base speed of 99. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Gigawatt: Deal Special Damage to an enemy, +15% damage for each Intelligence Up on Livewire (Maximum 10.) Legendary: 40% chance to hit an additional random enemy.
  • Quick Charge: Gain between 4-7 Intelligence Ups. Recover 15% health. Legendary: Purge 2 Debuffs from Livewire.
  • Lightning Storm: Special damage to an enemy. Purge all Intelligence Ups on Self. 10% chance to strike a second enemy and 5% chance to strike a third enemy per intelligence up purged. Legendary: For every 2 intelligence up purged, gain 1 Evasion Up.
  • Static Shock: Passive ability – If two or more allies take damage from a single attack, 60% chance to use Gigawatt apply 2 Speed Downs to attack. Legendary: If Static Shock is trigged, Gain 2 Intelligence Ups.
  • Living Lightning: Passive ability – Start Each Battle with 6 Evasion Ups, 1 Evasion Up purged each time Livewire has a turn. Gain 25-45% turn meter if Livewire evades. Legendary: If Livewire evades, 50% chance to reduce the cooldown of Livewire’s abilities by 1.

Legendary Order


Livewire becomes an interesting Special Damage based Evade character with some legendary upgrades. This can add some potent damage to an evade team, most of which are strength-based rather than intelligence based.


Livewire can benefit from allies who help her evade as well as allies who can feed her intelligence ups. She naturally partners with Harley Quinn – Mad Jester who can apply AoE intelligence downs and protect Livewire.

Harley Quinn Mad Jester, Dr Fate, Black Canary, Siren

Countered By

Can’t miss attacks can get through Livewire’s evasions, and intelligence downs on her can limit her special damage from getting too out of hand.

Superman, Wonder Woman – Defender of Justice, Harley Quinn Mad Jester


Livewire is an interesting addition to the game, being a Special Damage based evasion character. She can work well with other evading characters, but she needs to get as many intelligence ups as possible to deal massive amounts of damage. She can find her spot on many teams, but those looking for an Energy addition to an evade team will find Batman Beyond better fits the bill.

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