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Black Canary – Dinah Laurel Lance

Dinah Lance is a world-class martial artist with a secret weapon – her powerful Canary Cry sonic scream!

As the daughter of a costumed adventurer, Dinah Lance was born to fight crime. Raised among super-heroes, she trained as a world-class fighter and martial artist despite her mother’s objections. Gifted with the meta-human power to emit sonic blasts, Dinah can smash concrete with both her fists and her voice. Anyone who underestimates the blonde in fishnets will likely find her ‘Canary Cry’ the last thing they hear.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical TankAgility1461305
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina14401195

Super Powers

  • Spin Kick: Damage to an enemy, Gain 2 Evasion Ups. Legendary: -40% Turn Meter If Target is Not Evading.
  • Wildcat Haymaker: Damage to an enemy, apply 4 Strength Downs , +10% Chance to Stun per Strength Up on Target (Max 10) Legendary: Silence the enemy, +7% Damage per Strength Up on Target (Max 10)
  • Canary Cry: Light Damage and apply 3 Hit Chance Down to all Enemies. Legendary: 70% chance per enemy to -25% Turn Meter.
  • Martial Arts Training: Passive Ability – Gain +15% Turn Meter if any ally take damage. If Black Canary evades, 75% chance for ally to counterattack. Legendary: Cooldown -1 for Wildcat Haymaker if any ally Evades.
  • Jiu-jitsu Instruction: Team Leader – At end of Black Canary’s turn, Black Canary and allies gain 3 Evasion Up if no allies have Evasion Up, or use Wildcat Haymaker if all allies have Evasion Up. Legendary: Grant 1 Awareness to any ally when they gain Evasion Up on their turn, if they do not already have an Awareness.

Legendary Order


Black Canary’s turn meter manipulation is powerful — making her 3rd and 1st legendary upgrades worthwhile. Her leader ability’s legendary upgrade limits her teammate selection to only characters that have evasion-up moves, limiting its usefulness. That’s not to discount Black Canary as a leader — her ability to give non-evading characters Evasion Ups can change the tide of battle; its the legendary upgrade for the skill that is less useful with a large majority of the roster.


It’s no surprise Black Canary works well with other evading characters, like her Birds of Prey friend Batgirl. Her best allies will dodge enemy attacks and reap the benefits of their evasive maneuvers.

Batgirl, Harley Quinn Mad Jester, Batman Beyond, Livewire, Siren, Nightwing

Countered By

Can’t miss characters make it hard for Black Canary and her team to dodge attacks and profit. Can’t miss Energy characters like Steppenwolf can wreak havoc on Black Canary and her allies.

Steppenwolf, Terra, Starfire, Deadshot Hired Gun, Superman, Cyborg Superman


Black Canary can increase any team’s survivability thanks to her ability to spread Evasion Ups to characters that would otherwise have no way of obtaining them. When paired with evading allies, she becomes even more lethal, attacking the enemy with a move that can stun them and weaken their strength. Her large health pool means she can handle hits when they get past her evasions, and her passive ability to gain meter when allies are hurt and to counterattack when evading are a bit reliant on random luck, but when the stars align it can devastate the enemy’s battle plan!

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