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Steppenwolf – General of Apokolips

A master of war and deadly alien god, Steppenwolf leads the armies of Apokolips to conquer the universe.

A new god from the alien planet of Apokolips, Steppenwolf leads the military forces of Apokolips’ despotic ruler, Darkseid. As a formidable warrior, he is one of the few beings in the universe to survive an encounter with Doomsday. As a general, he commands the military elite of Apokolips in their never-ending war to defeat the world of New Genesis and enslave the entire universe.


Steppenwolf is a Physical Tank Energy character with a base speed of 83. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Cleaving Axe:  Damage to an enemy, can’t miss. +25% damage for each hit chance up on self (max 125%) Legendary: On critical hit, apply 4 hit chance ups and turn meter up 75% on random ally.
  • Boomtube Resupply:  Apply 4 hit chance ups and 3 critical chance ups to team. Apply double buffs if enemy team has evasion up Legendary: Purge 3 debuffs from all allies.
  • Earth-shattering Strike: Light damage to enemy team. Apply 5 evasion downs that can’t miss. Legendary: Use Earth-Shattering Strike when an ally misses an attack
  • Might of the New Gods: Passive ability – Each turn an ally makes a critical hit, they gain 21% turn meter. Legendary: Steppenwolf gains the same amount of turn meter
  • March Toward Annihilation: Team Leader – All allies gain enrage immunity at the start of battle. At the start of each ally’s turn, they gain 3 hit chance ups. Legendary: Also gain 1 critical chance up (Limit 10)

Legendary Order


Steppenwolf is all about countering Evasion teams, and using turn meter manipulation can really enable this. His 4th and 1st upgrades give generous meter for critical hits, making him great friends with allies who enjoy hitting hard.


Anyone who can start getting crit hits early in the fight will be worthy of being Steppenwolf’s ally. Aquaman – Rider of the King Tide and Harley Quinn – Quite Vexing can both be devastating allies that turn into crit monsters under Steppenwolf’s lead.

Aquaman Rider of the King Tide, Harley Quinn – Quite Vexing, Deadshot – Hired Gun, Cyborg, Wonder Woman Defender of Justice

Countered By

Shutting down Steppenwolf and his team’s ability to land critical hits is key to countering him. Characters with Crit Immunity like Aquaman – King of Atlantis can shut down Steppenwolf’s ability to manipulate turn meter. Wonder Girl also hard counters Steppenwolf, stripping him and his entire team of their buffs and damaging them before their own turn begins!

Wonder Girl, Aquaman – King of Atlantis, Supergirl, Raven, Penguin


Steppenwolf is a great character to lead your team into battle, given that none of his counters are on the enemy field. Beware Wonder Girls and Supergirls — but if they’re nowhere to be found, get ready for the battle to be a quick one. Destroy your enemies in one quick, hard hitting swoop. They won’t be able to evade Steppenwolf’s annihilation.

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Aquaman – Rider of the King Tide

Enchantress – Possessed Witch