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John Constantine – Hellblazer

An occult detective hailing from England, Constantine’s mastery of the dark arts is almost as powerful as his snark.

Born an under an ominous sign, tragedy has followed Constantine his whole life and hardened him into a sharp-tongued cynic who just so happens to be one of the world’s greatest protectors against supernatural threats. Though accomplished in the occult arts, his greatest talent lies in his ability to manipulate and outwit both his enemies and allies alike.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Special StrikerAgility1616660
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1257675

Super Powers

  • Sleight of Hand: Always apply 2 Intelligence Down, 3 Bleed and 60% chance to Enrage an enemy. Legendary: Call Assist from random ally if Constantine is Invisible.
  • Rakish Charm: Apply Taunt to ally and call their Assist, Constantine gains 1 Awareness. Legendary: 40% chance to call second Assist. +40% chance if any enemy is overhealed.
  • Hellblazer: Special Damage to an Enemy, +12% Damage per debuff on target (Max 10), Damage +45% to overhealed targets. Legendary: 8% chance per debuff on target (Max 10) use again on random target.
  • Lurking in Shadows: Passive ability – Start battle with Invisibility, 40% chance to gain Invisibility at the start of each enemy turn. Legendary: Apply 2 Intelligence Down on enemy.
  • Tough Luck, Mate: Team Leader – Whenever an ally dies, Constantine gains Invisibility, and applies 4 Intelligence Down, 2 Speed Down and -30% Turn Meter to enemy team. Legendary: Gain 2 Awareness and reset all of Constantine’s cooldowns when an ally dies.

Legendary Order


Constantine relies heavily on his legendary upgrades to reach truly unfettered power. The only less-than-stellar upgrade of his is the 4th upgrade, which just adds insult to your enemy team’s already debuffed injuries.


Constantine works well with allies who can protect him, be it through invisibility or taunting. He also works well with those who revive, and those who enjoy being called to assist. Constantine is a character who relies heavily on his teammates, which makes him fit well in a variety of team compositions. Special damage characters and bleeder characters can also benefit from his intelligence downs and bleeds.

Swamp Thing, Lobo, Red Robin, Dr Poison, Batman Beyond, Mirror Master, Clayface

Countered By

Characters who bypass his invisibility, either through AoE attacks, True Sight or other means can quickly eliminate Constantine and stop him from snowballing out of control. Eliminating Constantine first should be a top priority when facing him; killing his allies first only slows your team down and makes him stronger.

Killer Croc, Etrigan, Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Deadshot – Hired Gun


Constantine is an all around phenomenal character that can shine on a team whether as leader or not. His ability to place taunts and call assists can manipulate the battle in his favor easily.

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