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Lex Luthor – Survival Support Suit

Genius businessman, inventor, and scientist, Lex Luthor sees himself as humanity’s true savior…even if he has to threaten society to save it.

The only thing that exceeds Lex Luthor’s genius is his arrogance and uncompromising hatred for Superman. Viewing him as an alien menace that threatens Earth, not to mention being an affront to ‘mere humans’ such as himself, Lex directs his unrivaled scientific intellect and vast financial resources towards thwarting Superman. Lex Luthor could have been one of Earth’s greatest champions —  if not for his single-minded envy and supreme arrogance.


Lex Luthor – Survival Support Suit is a Special Support Energy character with a base speed of 53. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Hands-free Security: Damage to an enemy. Purge 3 buffs from enemy if Lex is above 50% health. Legendary: Apply Buff Immunity if Lex is above 50% health.
  • LexCorp Nano-Meds: Apply 2 Speed Up to all allies and 3 Extra Speed Ups to Lex. Medium heal if Lex is at high health. Legendary: Apply 4 Speed Ups to Random Allies.
  • Metahuman Deterrent: Special Damage and -60% turn meter to an enemy. Legendary: Silence enemy if Lex is above 50% health. Legendary 2: Call assist if Lex is above 50% health.
  • LexCorp Repair Bot: Team Leader – All allies have a 100% chance to gain a light heal if buffed. Legendary: +50% crit chance for the heal.

Legendary Order


Buff immunity and assists help bring some diversity to Lex Luthor’s kit. If running him as team leader, an extra 50% chance for his heal to crit is nice — but his 2nd upgrade that makes the team faster can also help when pairing him with slower allies.


Lex needs to make sure he is in good health, or else he can be pretty useless! Pairing him with healers can make sure he stays topped off. Special damage healers like Mera and Star Sapphire can keep Lex alive and bring out the best of his kit while taking advantage of his speed buffs.

Mera, Star Sapphire, Dr. Poison, Medphyll, Kid Flash

Countered By

Heavy hitting Mystic characters will tear through Lex. Those like Wonder Girl can attack him and his team for the buffs they give themselves. Heal immunity like that from Supergirl can also make his leader bonus useless.

Wonder Girl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman – Princess of Themyscira, Cheetah, Mera


Lex Luthor is a slow character that doesn’t see much usage throughout the game in competitive environments. He has a lot of gates for his kit to be effective, but when paired with the right teammates, he can speed them all to victory.

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