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Medphyll – Green Lantern of Sector 1287

From the planet J586, the alien Medphyll is both a sentient plant and a very Green Lantern!

From a species of sentient plant-like beings, Medphyll is a veteran and highly experienced member of the Green Lantern Corps. He has fought side-by-side with the greatest of Lanterns including Earth’s Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Among Medphylls adventures, he has aided the elemental Swamp Thing, and as the Defender of Sector 1287, he guards all life from the tallest tree to the smallest blade of grass.


Medphyll is a Physical Striker Energy character with a base speed of 82. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Seed Construct: Damage to an enemy. Apply 2 Mends to a Random Target. Legendary: Apply 10% shield to mended target.
  • Shield of a Veteran: Gain 38% shield and taunt. Legendary: Gain 6 Agility Ups.
  • Hypnotic Light: Apply 5 Strength Downs and -40% turn meter to an enemy. Apply 3 Speed Downs if target is enraged. Legendary: +5 Strength Downs.
  • The Will to Live: Apply Damage Immunity and 38% shield to an ally. Legendary: Damage Immunity Duration +1
  • Hero of J586: Team Leader – Random ally gains 5% shield and +17% turn meter at the start of every ally turn. Legendary: +1 Agility Up
    • Note: Medphyll’s leader ability procs at the start of every ally turn — but not on Medphyll himself.

Legendary Order


Medphyll is great when he has a two-turn duration Damage Immunity to hand out, and his 3rd upgrade allows him to apply 10 Strength Downs at once — effectively making strength based enemies hit like a wet noodle. His 1st upgrade grants shields, making him even more effective in an assist-based team. Neither his 2nd nor 5th upgrade are necessary.


Medphyll helps enable slower allies, giving them turn meter and shields to help them weather the battle safely. He can work well with characters like Penguin and Poison Ivy who can benefit from his shields and buffs.

Penguin, Poison Ivy, Swamp Thing, Cheetah

Countered By

Those who are able to purge Medphyll’s buffs or ignore shields can tear through his team’s defenses. Characters like Wonder Girl and Power Girl can bring an end to Medphyll – unless, of course, he puts 10 strength downs on them first!

Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman – Princess of Themyscira, Zatanna, Power Girl


Medphyll is a phenomenal leader for PvE content, where battles last long and allies can have full time to set up and take advantage of his shields and meter boosts.

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