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Arkkis Chummuck – Green Lantern of Sector 3014

From a fierce warrior race, Arkkis is a being of honor who wields Green Lantern’s power to defend freedom and right.

When Toomey VI warred with their neighboring planet, the sector’s Green Lantern interceded. Duty-bound to confront him Arkkis used extensive research to deduce the Lantern Reever’s weakness and defeat him in honorable combat. By accident though, Reever was mortally wounded, but the dying Lantern recognized Arkkis as a worthy successor. Despite an unusual start, Arkkis now wields Green Lantern’s power with unparalleled honor.


Arkkis is a Physical Striker Energy character with a base speed of 76. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Toomeyan Fist: Damage to an enemy, +75% damage and -4% shield if Arkkis is shielded. Gain 2 strength up if Arkkis is not shielded. Legendary: Gain a heal and 10% shield if target is killed.
  • Issue Challenge: Arkkis uses Toomeyan Fist on the target twice, then target attacks Arkkis once. 100% chance for 3 Strength Ups. Legendary: Gain Debuff Immunity. Legendary 2: Gain Death Immunity.
  • Sword and Shield: Gain 25% shield and 4 Strength Ups. Legendary: Gain 50% turn meter if Arkkis is below 50% health.
  • Paragon: Passive Ability – 68% chance to use Toomeyan Fist and Gain Enrage Immunity if Arkkis is damaged while shielded. Legendary: 30% chance to use Sword and Shield if Arkkis is not shielded.

Legendary Order


Arkkis’ best upgrades come from his Issue Challenge, granting him death immunity on the second upgrade. After that, helping his counterattack grant him shields if he is losing them helps provide him some survivability as well.


Arkkis’ moves are strength based, and the more strength buffs he has, the better. Pairing him with characters like Wonder Girl can feed him strength buffs, while characters like Jessica Cruz can give him shields.

Wonder Girl, Jessica Cruz, Green Lantern, Medphyll, Dr Fate

Countered By

Characters that can counter Arkkis usually are able to strip him of his strength buffs and tear through him. Characters like Wonder Girl can passively remove his buffs, including death immunity. Characters like Black Canary and Killer Croc can neuter Arkkis in other ways, either by stunning him or stealing his strength buffs.

Wonder Girl, Black Canary, Killer Croc, WWPoT


Arkkis is an extremely powerful Energy character, but those who have Power Girl will find she has a similar kit with the added bonus of being a taunter and protector of her team.

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