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Aquaman – King of Atlantis

Raised on land, Arthur Curry discovered his true identity as the lost King of Atlantis — an aquatic civilization that rules the Seven Seas.

The son of a humble lighthouse keeper, Arthur Curry believed he was a normal boy until his mother, on her deathbed, revealed that she was the exiled Queen of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis. As he matured, Arthur discovered his remarkable ability to endure the deepest ocean depths and communicate with all sea life, leading him to eventually claim his crown as the rightful King of Atlantis. Now he bears the enormous responsibility of leading an undersea nation as well as safeguarding three-quarters of the planet.


Aquaman is a Mixed Tank Mystical character with a base speed of 76. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Might of the Ocean: Damage to an enemy, gain 3 Mend or Apply 3 Bleeds. Legendary: Gain 50% turn meter if Target is Bleeding and Aquaman is Mending.
  • I Am Your King: Apply Crit Immunity and 16% turn meter up to team. Apply 3 Death Immunity on self if mending. Legendary: Use Might of the Ocean afterward, if mending.
  • Trident of Poseidon: Damage to an enemy, +50% damage if target is bleeding. Apply 3 bleeds if target is not bleeding. Legendary: Stuns if 3 bleeds on target.
    • Note: If the target has 0 bleeds, the move will add 3 bleeds, and stun. If the target has 1 or 2 bleeds, the move will not add 3 bleeds, and not stun them.
  • Maelstrom: Damage and Special Damage to enemy team, only usable if mend on self and bleed on enemy team. Legendary: Apply 40% turn meter down on enemy team.
  • King of Atlantis: Team Leader – Apply Crit Immunity to team at start of battle and team gains 21% resistance. Legendary: Crit Immunity Duration +1

Legendary Order

5 (if leader) 3-2-1-4 – 5 (if not leader)

If you’ll be using Aquaman as your leader, his 5th upgrade is a no brainer; it gives the team 2 round crit immunity, making teams with a Deadshot lead worse off and keeping the team safe for another round. After that, focusing on adding a stun and bleeds help Aquaman be more self-sufficient.


Aquaman benefits from having allies who can help him spread Mends and Bleeds like Mera and Siren. Part of his moves are locked behind making sure either he is mending or the enemy is bleeding, meaning you’ll have to bring characters capable of both to really accelerate him.

Mera, Siren, Swamp Thing, Dr Poison, Chemo

Countered By

Aquaman is a beefy tank and can take some hits, which means that heavy hitting Physical characters are needed to put a dent in his health bar. Heal and buff immunity can also help him from spiraling out of control.

Batman Caped Crusader, Huntress, Wonder Woman Princess of Themyscira, Swamp Thing


Aquaman was once a must have for PvP fights when hard hitting critical attacks meant most fights only lasted one or two rounds. While he’s waned in popularity, he’s still a solid addition to a team that wants to take things slow, bleeding the enemy dry. He needs the right allies to really come into his stride.

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