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Swamp Thing – Champion of the Green

When scientist Alec Holland was killed, what rose in his place was Swamp Thing, the avatar and protector of all plant life.

After scientist Alec Holland was killed by a bomb while creating his revolutionary bio-restorative formula, a strange new being arose from the destruction The Swamp Thing is the Earth’s chosen guardian of the environment and able to control all plant life. With the memories of his human life, is the Swamp Thing a man transformed into a plant god or a plant that dreams of once being a man?


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical SupportAgility1335710
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1335925

Super Powers

  • Bog Spores: Damage to an enemy, apply 1 Mend and 3% True Overheal to five random allies. Legendary: Apply 5 Critical Chance Up and purge 5 debuffs on random allies.
  • Force of Nature: Light Damage to all enemies. Apply 1 Strength Down, or 2 if an Ally is Mending. Legendary: Apply Overheal across random allies.
  • Verdant Coffin: Heavy Damage and apply Enrage to enemy. Legendary: Always apply Heal Immunity and 5 permanent Bleeds.
  • Forever Green: Passive ability – Revive once with 40% Health and apply Overheal to all allies. 85% chance to also revive all dead allies. Legendary: Apply 1 Awareness and 5 Mends to all Allies.
  • Chlorokinesis: Passive ability – 12% chance to use Bog Spores at end of ally turns. Chance is tripled if Swamp Thing is Overhealed. Legendary: Also apply 1 permanent Mend to random ally.

Legendary Order


Swamp Thing’s legendary upgrades add amazing utility to his kit. Starting off with heal immunity and permanent bleeds that his 3rd upgrade provides can make this super power have even more of a punch. His ability to cleans allies as he heals them on his basic attack is also very valuable — especially considering he will hopefully be using Bog Spores randomly throughout the fight. The overheal on his 2nd upgrade is his least valuable upgrade; you’ll get more value from just repeatedly using his basic attack in most situations, while using Verdant Coffin for burst damage and heal immunity.


Swamp Thing’s ability to revive his entire team make him a great addition to any team, but his slow speed means he needs good protection to get the most value. Should he be the last one standing, when he falls, he can potentially bring the entire team back with him! His allies will be ones that benefit from ally death, like Jessica Cruz or Constantine or ones that also share parts of his kit, like Bleeds or Mends.

Jessica Cruz, Constantine, Star Sapphire, Mera, Wonder Woman DoJ

Countered By

Heal immunity and beefy physical characters can shut Swamp Thing down. Those who thrive off enemy revives also work to counter him.

Dr Poison, Supergirl, Superman, Etrigan


Swamp Thing is a highly valuable character thanks to his ability to revive and passively heal his entire team. He is slow and in need of protection, but the benefits of keeping him safe pay off in the long run. For PvP, his slow speed can make him take a backseat in the battle, which is why he should be paired with allies who are counting on his revive to make big plays. In PvE, he can really shine once his overheal has time to get going, making him an ideal frontrunner for Red Alerts.

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