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Etrigan – The Demon

For more than a 1000 years, Jason Blood has been cursed to fight evil by transforming himself into the demon Etrigan.

A rhyming demon, strong and vile, spawn of demon lord Belial. To mortal Jason Blood he’s bound for keeping Camelot safe and sound.The demon knight from Avalon with sorcery from an age bygone, defends the earth with fire infernal while cursed to a life eternal. When dark schemes of evil powers plunge Earth into desperate hours, Jason Blood and allies proud will speak the summ’ning rhyme aloud: “Gone, Gone, O’ Form of Man, Rise, The Demon Etrigan!”


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Special StrikerAgility1406660
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1511675

Super Powers

  • Burning Hands: Special Damage to an enemy. Apply 10% True Damage if Etrigan is overhealed. Legendary: 70% chance to use twice if Etrigan is overhealed.
  • Raining Hellfire: Special Damage to all enemies. Use Burning Hands against a random target if another enemy is dead. Legendary: Reduce cooldown by 1 after use for each living enemy.
  • Merlin’s Mystic Shield: Gain 3 Intelligence Ups and an overheal. Legendary: At start of battle, Etrigan gains Crit Immunity and a small overheal.
  • Gone, Gone, O’ Form of Man: Passive ability – Use Merlin’s Mystic Shield and gain Crit Immunity on enemy death. Legendary: Also gain 5 Intelligence Ups.
  • Jason Blood’s Chivalry: Passive ability – Gain 1 True Sight and 35% Turn Meter if an enemy revives. 28% chance to use at start of Etrigan’s turns, if Overhealed. Legendary: Also gain 10 Agility Up.

Legendary Order


Etrigan can ramp up with his 4th legendary upgrade, and his 1st allowing him to strike twice can pack quite a punch. Etrigan’s health is rather average, but he makes up for it with his self-healing, which is influenced by his intelligence. His 3rd upgrade helps him obtain that overheal from the start, allowing the double punches to begin as soon as possible!


Etrigan is quite a one man army, but his best allies will capitalize and enable his special damage. Allies like Constantine can call assist and apply intelligence downs on the enemy, making Etrigan even more terrifying.

Constantine, Jessica Cruz, Harley Quinn – Mad Jester, Swamp Thing

Countered By

Etrigan is countered by those who can stop him from buffing and negate his healing to keep his double strikes in check. Hard hitting physical characters like Catwoman can do this with ease.

Catwoman, Huntress, Mera, Swamp Thing, Batman Caped Crusader


Etrigan is an extremely self-sufficient monster to face, and he can easily annihilate characters of all affinities if he has enough time to ramp up. When paired with allies who further enable him to deal massive amounts of special damage, his enemies don’t stand a chance.

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