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Chemo – The Deathless Doom

Discarded chemicals and prototype technology unwittingly created this sentient vat of toxic waste.

Working to cure the world’s ills, Professor Ramsey Norton would discard his failed chemical experiments in a disposal container in his lab. Norton’s failures resulted in one startling success – the creation of the life form known as Chemo. Whatever was in that container that brought the toxic sludge to life, the being that emerged has a rudimentary intelligence and aggressive nature that makes it a noxious menace.


Chemo is a Special Tank Energy character with a base speed of 51. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Chem Trail: Special damage to an enemy. Gain 3 Mends if Target is bleeding. Legendary: Silence if 3 Bleeds on Target.
  • Toxic Spill: Apply 1 Permanent Bleed to all enemies, 70% chance to apply 1 extra bleed to all enemies. Legendary: Cannot miss. Legendary 2: Cooldown -1.
  • Fallout: Apply 2 speed down to all enemies. 33% chance to -15% all enemy turn meters. Only usable if 6+ bleeds among all enemies. Legendary: Cooldown -1
  • Corrosive Anatomy: Passive ability – 100% chance to apply 1 Bleed to enemies that damage Chemo. Legendary: Also apply 1 agility down.

Legendary Order


Giving Chemo’s bleeds the inability to miss and shorter cooldowns makes the upgrades for his 2nd move an easy first choice. Save his 4th upgrade for last — adding agility downs doesn’t enhance his kit like the other upgrades do.


Chemo loves to spread harsh bleeds — permanent ones that will only disappear if the enemy brings a debuff cleanser! That makes him a wonderful ally to those who get boosted by bleeds, such as Dr. Poison and Siren. His ability to manipulate turn meter also makes him work well with Red Hood.

Dr Poison, Siren, Red Hood, Lobo, Constantine

Countered By

Shutting down Chemo before he has the chance to really get going is crucial, as is bringing a debuff purger on your team to shirk off his permanent bleeds that will persist even after he is dead. Bring characters like Wonder Woman – Princess of Themysicra and Wonder Girl to make quick work of Chemo.

Wonder Woman – Princess of Themyscira, Wonder Girl, Siren, Cheetah


Chemo is a slow bleed character, but it’s worth noting he is the only Special Damage tank in the game. He likes to either be sped up or to have the battle slowed to his own pace, and once he gets going that can be a frightening thing to witness. Chemo works at his best at Gear 11 where he has a beefier health pool and so do his enemies — making his mends gained and bleeds apply work to a greater degree.

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