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Green Arrow – Castaway

After surviving on a harsh deserted island, Oliver Queen brought his newfound skills home to Star City as the vigilante Green Arrow.

After being betrayed and stranded on a remote island, spoiled billionaire Oliver Queen was forced to survive with a crude bow and arrow. When he eventually discovered a band of criminals exploiting the island’s natives, he used his jungle-honed skills to stop the abuse and found a purpose in life. Returning to civilization, Queen adopted a flamboyant “Robin Hood” persona that belies an unerring commitment to justice for the people.


Green Arrow – Castaway is a Physical Striker Physical character with a base speed of 97. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Cover Shot: Light damage and purge 1 buff from an enemy. Purge 1 extra buff if Green Arrow is invisible. Legendary:  -40% Turn Meter to the enemy if Green Arrow is invisible.
  • Trick Shot: Damage to an enemy, gain invisibility. Legendary: Invisibility duration +1
  • Multishot: Light damage to all enemies. 50% chance to -20% all enemy turn meters. Legendary: 50% chance to gain invisibility.
  • Quickness: 20% chance to use Cover Shot on random enemy at the end of every ally’s turn. Legendary 1: 20% Chance to use Cover Shot twice. Legendary 2:  50% chance to use Cover Shot twice.

Legendary Order


Green Arrow works best when invisible, making it almost a necessity to gain a chance for invisibility with his area of effect skill, and to increase invisibility durations by an extra turn with his Trick Shot. Turn meter manipulation is also incredibly important and works well with Arrow’s kit. While the chance to strike on an ally’s turn is great, it’s best saved for last.


Arrow works well with Canary, who on her legendary can drain turn meter. When paired together, the two can stall key enemies from getting a turn. He also works well with heroes who can provide invisibility to teammates, such as Mirror Master or Nightwing. He pairs well with heroes who gain perks from allies being buffed, such as Cyborg and Star Sapphire. With his squishy health, a taunter is always a nice thing to have to ensure he stays safe.

Black Canary, Mirror Master, Nightwing, Cyborg, Star Sapphire, Power Girl, Harley Quinn Mad Jester

Countered By

Arrow is countered by heroes who can strike through invisibility, such as enemy compositions including Red Robin. He’s a striker, so he’s weak to heavy hitters, especially of the Energy affinity.

Red Robin, Power Girl, Starfire, Arkkis

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