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Mirror Master – Roguish Reflection

With the ability to travel through mirrors and trap others, Evan McCulloch is a feared member of The Flash’s Rogues’ Gallery.

With the amazing technology of the Mirror Master, Scottish mercenary and thief Evan McCulloch is a thorn in the side of the Flash. An unrepentant criminal, he cares little for life and is mainly concerned with his next score. Nevertheless, the stone-hearted rogue has a soft spot for the orphanage where he was raised. With access to the mirror realm through any reflective surface, Mirror Master always turns up where he’s least expected.


Mirror Master is a Special Striker Energy character with a base speed of 57. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Optic Gun:  Damage to an enemy, 60% chance to gain invisibility. Legendary: Special damage if Mirror Master is invisible.
  • Refracted Rays: Apply invisibility and 34% shield to an ally. Legendary: Also gain invisibility.
  • Shattered Glass: Apply 4 Agility and Speed Downs, –30% turn meter down on an enemy, Purge 4 buffs if enemy has Speed Up. Legendary: Cooldown -1
  • Mirror Images: Passive ability – 87% chance to apply 1 Speed Down to a random enemy at end of each ally’s turn. Legendary: Speed Down +1.
  • Speed of Light: Passive ability – 61% chance to deal damage to all enemies at end of turn if Speed Down on every enemy. Legendary: Damage +60%

Legendary Order


Boosting Mirror Master’s passive damage can help him get more considerable hits in on the enemy team passively. If you’re going to be pairing him with Clayface or another ally who can keep him safely invisible, consider moving his 1st upgrade up — the Special Damage addition helps his basic attack hit very hard.


Mirror Master’s roguish allies are ones who can apply Speed Downs and that benefit from invisibility. Characters like Clayface work well to protect him, while other villains like Poison Ivy can toss around those Speed Downs.

Clayface, Reverse Flash, Poison Ivy, Robin, Red Robin

Countered By

Mirror Master is a fairly slow character, so cutting him down to size will be no problem for a relatively fast Mystical character like Cheetah.

Cheetah, Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman – PoT


Mirror Master’s kit is fun to play with and gives him synergy with some pretty interesting allies. He may not be the most practical character for every situation, but with the right teammates he can be a blast.

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