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Cheetah – Avatar of the Hunt

Relic hunter Barbara Minerva paid a high price when an ancient dagger transformed her into the fearsome half-human Cheetah.

While on an expedition in Africa, amoral treasure hunter Barbara Anne Minerva uncovered the lost Urzkartagan tribe. Craving the powers of the Cheetah spirit, Minerva forced their priest to perform a magical ritual on her, but the god Urzkartaga demanded a blood sacrifice to complete the ceremony. By murdering her companion with a mystical dagger, Minerva was granted ferocious powers but also cursed with bloodthirsty appetites.


Cheetah is a Physical Striker Mystical character with a base speed of 93. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Swift Slash: Light damage and apply 4 Bleeds to an enemy. Legendary: Damage +20% and +100% Hit Chance.
  • Ravage: Damage to an enemy, cooldown -1 and +45% crit chance if target is bleeding. Legendary: Additional cooldown -1 if target is bleeding.
  • Blood in the Air: Apply 2 Strength Ups to all allies, +100% chance to apply 1 extra strength up. Apply 1 extra strength up if an enemy is dead. Legendary: +25% Turn Meter to all allies.
  • Ambush Killer: Passive ability – 35% chance to gain Strength Up and 21% turn meter if a member of any team takes bleed damage. Legendary: 10% chance to use Blood in the Air when a member of any team takes bleed damage.
    • Note: When Cheetah uses Blood in the Air via her passive, it does not grant turn meter to allies, even if the move has the legendary upgrade.
  • Pack Leader: Team Leader – All allies have a 45% chance to gain 40% turn meter if damaging a bleeding target or applying bleeds. Legendary: Gain 1 Extra Strength Up if damaging a bleeding target.

Legendary Order


Cheetah’s turn meter up is a great first upgrade, as is giving her a can’t miss basic attack. If using her as a team leader, consider upgrading her 5th before her 2nd, but otherwise save that upgrade for last.


Cheetah speeds up all allies, but those who can assist her in spreading bleeds will get the most out of her. Consider pairing her with allies like Siren or Lobo.

Siren, Lobo, Chemo, Dr. Poison, Kid Flash

Countered By

Cheetah is squishy, and a decent Physical character will be able to handle her with ease.

Deadshot HG, Killer Croc, Catwoman, Robin


Cheetah is a highly accessible character that brings heavy power, especially in early stages of the game. Cheetah and fellow bleeders can help take down high health targets, even ones above their weight class, thanks to Bleeds doing percentage based damage.

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