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Killer Croc – King of the Sewers

‘Crocodiles in the sewers’ are an urban legend in most cities, but in Gotham City, Waylon Jones is a real-life reptilian monster.

Born with a strange condition, Waylon Jones developed reptilian characteristics at a young age. Tormented by peers and adults, he eventually grew into a hulking mass of teeth, claws and lizard-like armor. ‘Killer Croc’ earned money wrestling alligators in the backwaters of Florida until coming to Gotham. Croc struggles with savage animal impulses and has been captured multiple times by both Batman and the Suicide Squad.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical StrikerAgility1571710
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1419675

Super Powers

  • Wild Lunge: Light Damage to an enemy and apply 3 Bleeds. Legendary: Steal all Strength Ups from target.
  • The Hunt Is On: Gain Invisibility. Gain 18% Turn Meter for each Bleed on enemy team (limit 5). Legendary: Also gain 5 Crit Chance Ups.
  • Cannibal Claws: Damage to an enemy. 35% Chance to apply Buff Immunity, 100% if target is Taunting. Legendary: If target has Taunt or a Positive Immunity, Purge 5 Buffs.
  • King Croc: Passive ability – At the end of each turn, 30% Chance to use Wild Lunge if an enemy has Taunt. Legendary: Also gain 2 Crit Chance Up before attacking.
  • Lurking In The Depths: Passive ability – 85% Chance to apply Taunt to attacker and gain 10% Turn Meter if Killer Croc takes damage. Legendary: 50% chance to gain a 12% True Heal if Killer Croc has 50% HP or less.

Legendary Order


Killer Croc is all about tearing apart taunters and opening up the enemy team who hides in the shadows. His 3rd legendary upgrade takes advantage of enemy taunters as well as those who he places a taunt on with his passive. His 1st legendary upgrade can absolutely cripple strength-reliant teams while buffing himself. Killer Croc’s other upgrades help him live longer and hit harder.


Killer Croc loves to destroy taunters, making him and Batman – The Dark Knight good friends. He also works well with bleed characters and those who further gains from critical attacks.

Batman The Dark Knight, Chemo, Cheetah, Ares, Steppenwolf

Countered By

Stuns and turn meter drains can mitigate Killer Croc’s ability to attack multiple times and tear through the enemy team with his passives. As a result, characters like Hawkgirl and Reverse Flash can make quick work of Killer Croc.

Hawkgirl, Reverse Flash, Killer Frost, Red Robin


Killer Croc is a frightening beast to face in battle, and he makes it hard for anyone to hide. His damage and debuffs can make quick work of mystics and fellow physicals, but he finds himself threatened by those who can stun him and keep him from getting a turn.

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