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Ares – God of War

The living embodiment of war, Ares is a primal force of destruction and chaos.

A God from Greek mythology ,Ares is the living personification of warfare, inciting bloodshed with his mere presence. Eternal and immortal, he stirred conflict among mankind for eons until Zeus created the Amazons to stop him and bring peace to the world. Though Ares was defeated the Amazons, the Amazons remain vigilant lest he returns and brings with him the destruction, strife and eternal chaos of war.


Ares is a Physical Tank Mystic character with a base speed of 80. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Battle Fist: Damage to an enemy. 55% chance to stun target if Ares or target is Enraged. Legendary: Cooldown -1 on Energy Warsword.
  • Death or Glory: Apply 4 Strength Ups, Enrage, and +28% Turn Meter to an Ally. If Ally is below 50% health, also apply Death Immunity. Legendary: Apply 6 Stamina Ups
  • Energy Warsword: Damage to all enemies. Apply Enrage on a Random Enemy. Legendary: Apply Buff Immunity to enemy that gains Enrage.
  • Fueled by Conflict: Passive ability – Every turn a character is enraged or deals a critical hit, Ares gains 1 Stamina Up and 8% turn meter. Legendary: Gain a light heal when anyone is enraged or deals a critical hit.
  • God of War: Team Leader – Ares gains 80% increased health. At the beginning of his turns, gain 1 Strength Up and  21% turn meter if any character is Enraged. Legendary: Health +40%.

Legendary Order


Ares’ legendary upgrades help make him even tankier, giving him extra health and stamina boosts. This can quickly spiral into him becoming a gargantuan monster.


With the addition of Atrocitus making Enraged characters even quicker and dishing out more damage, Ares’ ability to Enrage his allies works even better than ever. He works nicely with other characters who like Stamina Ups such as Giganta.

Atrocitus, Giganta, Wonder Girl, Vixen, Hippolyta, Solomon Grundy

Countered By

Bleeds can wear down his high health pool, and enemies that benefit from being Enraged also can get an unnecessary advantage just from facing Ares.

Atrocitus, Wonder Girl, Solomon Grundy, Batman Caped Crusader


Ares works nicely with characters who don’t mind being Enraged or getting some nice Stamina Ups. With the addition of Atrocitus, Ares became less of a top pick in the leader slot, but he can still enrage his allies and enemies, giving him a unique kit that can work in the right circumstances.

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