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Silver Banshee – Wailing Wretch

Beware of the rampaging Silver Banshee or her Death Wail will be the last thing you ever hear!

To succeed her father as leader of their Gaelic clan, Siobhan McDougal underwent a dark ritual to prove herself worthy but when the ritual failed, she was dragged to the Netherworld. There, the mysterious Crone granted Siobhan powers and returned her as the Silver Banshee at the price of needing to recover a powerful occult book. Now, Silver Banshee rampages in search of the book, bringing her face-to-face with heroes like Superman and Supergirl.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Special StrikerAgility1230660
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1217675

Super Powers

  • Cursed Strike: Normal Damage to an enemy, Apply 3 Bleeds. Legendary: 100% Additional damage if target has ANY immunity.
  • Banshee Stare: Special Damage to an enemy, 100% Chance to apply Heal Immunity. Legendary: Purge all positive immunities.
  • Death Wail: Special Damage to all enemies, 20% Chance to stun a random enemy if any enemy has a Positive Immunity. Legendary: 30% Chance to use Death Wail when a buff purge move is performed by an ally.
  • Eye for an Eye: 100% Chance to give Death Immunity, True Sight, and 3 Intelligence Ups to a random ally when an ally dies. Legendary: Apply Buff Immunity to all enemies when an ally dies.
  • Ghastly Spirit: 40% Chance to Gain Invisibility when an enemy takes Bleed Damage. Legendary: Also apply Stun, Silence, and Crit Immunities to all allies when an ally is stunned.

Legendary Order


Based on how you choose to use her, upgrades 3 and 4 could be swapped. If you intend to use her more to ensure your enemies don’t get their buffs, start with 4. If you plan to use her with more buff purgers instead of using her as a buff blocker, go with the extra chance to use Death Wail whenever an ally uses a buff purge move. The additional 100% damage is incredibly situational and definitely should be saved for a final upgrade. Don’t discount her ability to counter stun teams, however!


Silver Banshee works well with allies who purge buffs, notably Red Hood, who purges awareness with his basic. Any buff purging move gives a chance for Banshee to wail. She pairs well with allies who apply immunities, such as Heal Immunity, giving her extra damage on her basic at legendary. She pairs well with tanks who taunt and allies who can keep her invisible, because she’s quite squishy. She also pairs well with fellow bleeders, granting a chance of invisibility with each bleed. Look below for a list of recommended allies!

Red Hood, Clayface, Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Power Girl, Siren, Cheetah, Aquaman King of Atlantis, Robin Damian Wayne

Countered By

Silver Banshee is incredibly squishy and while her invisibility and a well placed taunting tank can hide her for so long, it ultimately won’t last if your enemy is persistent on targeting her. Characters who give True Sight and strike with AoE powers pose a huge threat for this special striker, especially heavy hitting physical damage foes.

Red Robin, Killer Croc, Bane, Harley Quinn Mad Jester, Etrigan, Atrocitus


While Silver Banshee provides nice utility and perhaps a good source of bleeds, she is far outclassed by many other special damage strikers. She is incredibly niche, but effective if used correctly.

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