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Batman Beyond – Terry McGinnis

In the near future, Terry McGinnis has taken up the mantle of the Bat, fighting crime in Neo-Gotham under the instruction of an aged Bruce Wayne.

Several decades into the future, Terry McGinnis has assumed the mantle of Batman after accidentally discovering Bruce Wayne’s secret identity. At first donning the cowl to avenge the death of his father, Terry proved himself to be a worthy successor and continues to fight crime in Neo-Gotham with Bruce’s guidance and support.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical StrikerAgility1380710
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1373675

Super Powers

  • Electrified Batarang: Damage and apply 5 Hit Chance Down to target. Legendary: 40% Chance to hit an additional random enemy. +35% chance if Invisible.
  • Stealth Mode: Gain Invisibility and 5 Crit Chance Ups. Legendary: Gain 4 Evasion.
  • Go Beyond: Heavy Damage to an enemy, +50% Crit Damage if Batman Beyond is Invisible. Legendary: +10% Damage per Hit Chance Down on Target (Limit 10).
  • Flashbang: 40% Chance to apply 3 Hit Chance Downs to an enemy at the start of their turn. Legendary: Gain 2 Crit Chance Ups if Batman Beyond Evades.
  • Bruce’s Guidance: 70% Chance to Gain Invisibility and 2 Crit Chance Ups if Batman Beyond lands a Critical Hit. Legendary: 70% chance to gain 25% Turn Meter.

Legendary Order


Batman Beyond loves to spread Hit Chance downs, and his 1st legendary lets him make the enemy team even less likely to get a hit in. His 3rd upgrade allows him to capitalize on the debuffs with more damage, and his other upgrades extend his kit even further through evasions, turn meter, and crit chance ups.


Batman Beyond loves other hard to hit characters, making him a worthy addition to any evasion team. Allies like Scarecrow help him spread hit chance downs, while characters like Harley Quinn – Mad Jester can offer him so protection as well.

Batgirl, Scarecrow, Harley Quinn Mad Jester, Black Canary, Siren, Livewire

Countered By

Can’t miss characters make it hard for Batman Beyond to get his passives going. Mystics like Wonder Woman – Defender of Justice and Katana both have moves that can’t miss and will deal heavy damage to weaker affinity Batman Beyond.

Wonder Woman Defender of Justice, Katana, Deadshot Hired Gun, Superman, Cyborg Superman, Starfire


With the right teammates, Batman Beyond can make it impossible for enemies to ever deal damage, making him absolutely lethal in an evasion-focused team composition. With most evade characters being Physical, Batman Beyond’s Energy affinity is a bonus. His damage, with enough debuffs, can be extremely powerful once he gets going.

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