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Scarecrow – Master of Fear

A former psychologist and expert in phobias, Jonathan Crane now studies fear in all its forms by terrorizing Gotham City.

With a lifelong obsession with fear, Jonathan Crane became a prominent psychologist and expert in phobias. While working at Arkham Asylum, Crane conducted unethical experiments, tormenting patients with their phobias to study the effects of fear. With his experiments, he perfected a potent “Fear Toxin,” but Crane also lost his own sanity and developed a new obsession with the fearsome figure that stalks Gotham City – the Batman.


Scarecrow is a Physical Support character with a base speed of 84. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Spine-Tingler: Damage to an enemy, apply 3 Hit Chance Downs. Legendary: Apply 2 additional Hit Chance Downs
  • Fear Gas: Apply 2-4 Hit Chance Downs to all enemies, gain 30% turn meter Legendary: If invisible, apply 1 Agility Down for each Hit Chance Down
  • Living Nightmare: Deal damage to an enemy, +10% damage per debuff on target. Legendary: 7% chance to apply stun per debuff on target
  • Scare Tactics: Passive ability – Start battle with invisibility. 50% chance to gain invisibility at the start of each enemy turn. Legendary: Equal chance to apply 3 Hit Chance Downs to enemy
  • Dread to Rights:  Team Leader – If enemies miss an attack, 50% chance to use Living Nightmare. Legendary: Apply 2 Speed Downs to Target if Dread to Rights is triggered.

Legendary Order


If you’re not using Scarecrow as a leader, you can save his leadership skill for last. If you need to add a stun character and have heavy debuffing allies for Scarecrow, you can move his 3rd move up. Both 4th and 1st upgrades help Scarecrow spread Hit Chance downs in spades.


Scarecrow works particularly well with Batman Beyond – both characters enjoy Hit Chance Downs, and Batman Beyond gets increased damage per debuff as well. Scarecrow is all about evading through debuffs rather than Evasion Ups, but he also works well with other evasion characters; consider Harley Quinn – Mad Jester as an evading taunter who can protect him.

Batman Beyond, Harley Quinn – Mad Jester, Black Canary, Constantine, Starfire

Countered By

Can’t miss characters naturally counter Scarecrow.

Steppenwolf, Terra, Starfire, Deadshot Hired Gun, Superman, Cyborg Superman


Scarecrow’s fear toxins can be surprisingly potent against a wide array of enemies. His ability to dodge attacks through debuffs rather than buffs allows him to still be effective even when facing purge characters like Wonder Girl. Partnering him with characters who can pile on even more debuffs can completely block the enemy from ever dealing damage.

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