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Terra – Troubled Teen Titan

With the power to control the earth and a troubled past, Tara Markov is not someone to turn your back on!

The illegitimate daughter of the King of Markovia, Tara inherited the ability to control all earthen material. But while her half-brother was raised as a super-hero, Tara had a more troubled upbringing estranged from her family. She fell in with the mercenary Deathstroke and was used by him as an agent within the Teen Titans. With divided loyalties and psychological trauma, Tara is a dangerous enemy and an even more treacherous ally.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Special StrikerAgility1434660
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1419765

Super Powers

  • Stalagmite Slam: Special Damage to an enemy. Can’t Miss. Apply 3 Evasion Down to target. Legendary: 70% chance to apply Heal Immunity to target.
  • Rock Solid: Apply 3 Agility Ups (2T) and 3 Hit Chance Ups (2T) to all allies. 30% chance to also apply 20% Shield. Legendary: Give Stun Immunity to team.
  • Tremor: Special Damage and 3 Evasion Down to all enemies. Legendary: 30% chance to use Tremor a second time, with -50% damage or -25% damage if any enemy is Silenced.
  • Meltdown: If Terra has 6+ Debuffs at the start of her turn, purge her debuffs and trigger Meltdown, dealing Special Damage to all enemies. 10% chance to hit allies too. Legendary: Apply 15% shield to allies if any Ally is under 50% health after Meltdown.
  • Earthen Purity: If Terra triggers Meltdown, 75% chance to five Buff Immunity to a random enemy. Legendary: Grant Debuff Immunity and +8 Agility Ups to random ally upon Terra’s death.

Legendary Order


Clearly the best part of Terra’s kit is her legendary ability to apply Heal Immunity (70% chance) on her basic, so that should always be the first. Next, you’ll definitely want her AoE skill, Tremor, to gain a chance to hit twice, even with the reduced damage. Any extra damage is a perk. Next she can grant stun immunity to the entire team, which can be incredibly useful when dealing with stun heavy enemies. The final two can be decided based on need. Ideally you’d like to keep Terra alive, but in the event of her death, it’s nice to apply such a heavy defense to the rest of her teammates. Even still, applying a shield when she melts down if allies are low health is also nice, though meltdown rarely triggers if you’re not fighting a debuff heavy team.


For the most part, Terra acts on her own. There are few heroes that truly complement her, but those capable of silencing the enemy provide a damage increase to her legendary Tremor skill. She is a special striker, making her a bit squishy, though her agility ups and defense mechanisms help with that quite a bit. Below is a list of recommended teammates:

Deathstroke, Wonder Woman POT, Robin, Clayface, Steppenwolf, Dr. Fate, Harley Quinn – Mad Jester

Countered By

Though Terra can grant herself quite a bit of defense, she still falls victim to heavy hitting mystics, and heroes such as Wonder Girl who act against enemy buffs cleave through her like she’s nothing. Heroes with buff immunity skills are sure to stop Terra from defending herself.

Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman DOJ, Wonder Woman – POT, Wonder Woman – CotA, Zatanna, Red Hood


Terra was officially reworked in June 2018, though her rework didn’t quite receive a welcome response. The removal of her reliable shielding and the change of her meltdown ability arguably made her worse off, despite now being a good counter to debuff teams. While she is a well rounded character, there are other toons who do the same job better.

What do you think?

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