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Doctor Fate – Sorcerer of Nabu

Wearing the Helm of Nabu transforms Kent Nelson into the powerful sorcerer Doctor Fate, but at a terrible cost to Kent’s mind.

Accompanying his archeologist father on an expedition, young Kent Nelson stumbled upon the tomb of Nabu the Wise. In releasing the immortal, his father was killed, but Kent became apprentice to the sorcerer. Transformed into an adult and tutored in the ways of magic, Kent inherited the mystic helmet that seizes his mind and makes him Dr. Fate. Now, he is servant to the Lords of Order in their never-ending battle against the Lords of Chaos.


Doctor Fate is a Special Striker Mystical character with a base speed of 55. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Order of Ra: Special damage to an enemy,  60% chance to apply Heal Immunity. Legendary: Damage +100% against targets with Immunity debuffs.
  • Nabu’s Protection: Apply 40% shield and 3 Hit Chance Ups to team. Legendary: Apply 3 Intelligence Ups to team.
  • Wrath of Osiris: Special Damage to an enemy. Always apply Heal Immunity. Legendary: Purge 7 buffs from target.
  • Twist of Fate: Passive ability – 30% chance to deal light Special Damage to an enemy at the start of their turn if they have Immunity debuffs. Legendary: Damage +50%
  • Lord of Order: Team Leader – Silence and apply 20% turn meter down to any enemy that is healed. Legendary: Gain 1 Awareness and apply 1 Awareness to a random ally when Lord of Order is triggered.

Legendary Order


Doctor Fate’s legendary upgrades can be tailored to his position on your team — if you’re pairing him with characters like Supergirl who can hand out immunities often, beefing up the damage on his basic attack may be desired. If you’re pairing him with other Special Damage dealers, the upgrade on his 2nd move is a big boon. If you decide to use Dr. Fate as your leader often (when facing teams that relies on healing) his 5th upgrade may be moved up.


Dr. Fate works great with allies who can hand out immunity debuffs — like Supergirl. She’s super fast compared to him and applies AoE debuffs, meaning Dr. Fate will be using his passive ability often. This can help make him pull his weight on the team more, considering his very slow speed otherwise. Dr. Fate also works well with characters who like shields and buffs.

Supergirl, Silver Banshee, Firestorm, Jessica Cruz

Countered By

Because of his slow speed, a quick and stealthy Physical character shouldn’t have much problem taking Doctor Fate out. Characters like Deadshot – Hired Gun can do the job easily.

Deadshot – Hired Gun, Harley Quinn – Mad Jester, Red Hood, Huntress


Doctor Fate is a very slow character, but he offers some pretty valuable shields and buffs to his team, especially those of whom are Special Damage dealers.

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