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Red Hood – Vengeful Vigilante

A former Robin, Jason Todd returned with a new identity and a merciless mission to punish criminals.

Raised on the mean streets of Gotham, Jason Todd was recruited as the new Robin after attempting to burglarize the Batmobile. Todd’s rebellious streak led to a deadly encounter with the Joker, but he returned from the dead thanks to the power of the Lazarus Pit. Adopting a new identity, the ruthless Red Hood, he pursues criminals with deadly vengeance and walks a thin line between hero and villain.


Red Hood is a Physical Striker character with a base speed of 83. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Blazing Pistols: Apply 3 Light Damage bursts. Each burst removes 2 Awareness. Legendary: 33% chance to use Barrel Down on target
  • Barrel Down: Light Damage and purge 2 buffs (maximum 10) for each Bleed on an enemy. Legendary: Turn Meter Up +10% for each Bleed on the target (Maximum 50%)
  • Explosive Gunplay: Damage to all enemies Legendary: Gain invisibility and 2 Evasion Ups
  • Ruthless Vigilante: Passive ability – When Red Hood damages an enemy, 60% chance to apply 1 Bleed that can’t miss. Legendary: Also apply Heal Immunity
  • Outlaws Never Die: Team Leader – When an enemy dies, apply 1 Buff Immunity and turn meter down -50% on an enemies. Legendary: Also steal 2 buffs from each enemy to random allies

Legendary Order


Red Hood’s legendary upgrades can play off of each other nicely. His 1st upgrade can trigger his second move, and when it is also upgraded it grants him turn meter. Adding Heal Immunity to his passive ability with his 4th move’s upgrade allows him to benefit from the added turn meter even more with each attack.


Red Hood brings a lot of utility to the table, allowing him to work well with most teams. To bring out the most of his kit, he can be paired with Bleed characters like Cheetah or purge characters like Catwoman who enjoy destroying teams who hide behind Awareness. He also works well manipulating turn meter, with characters like Lobo and Chemo.

Cheetah, Catwoman, Dr Poison, Chemo, Lobo

Countered By

Red Hood was added to counter Deathstroke, and the best way to counter Red Hood is to eliminate him first so that his Team Leader doesn’t have a chance to strike. Powerful energy characters can accomplish this.

Power Girl, Jessica Cruz, Green Lantern – Hal Jordan, Red Hood


Red Hood remains a great and aggressive Team Leader for those who enjoy watching a battle snowball out of control in their favor. Once one enemy is defeated, turn meters drop and Red Hood and his team strike. The heal immunity and buff purging he can bring to the table make him a great asset in any team.

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