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Doctor Poison – Master of the Toxic

Thanks to an obsession with the toxic and noxious, the mysterious Maru earns her nickname as Doctor Poison.

A mysterious mercenary scientist and expert in all toxins and poisons, Maru is known as Doctor Poison thanks to her devotion to toxic chemicals. Though terribly scarred by her own twisted experiments, this has not stopped her from pursuing the most deadly and corrosive compound ever used on the battlefield. Partnering with dark and dangerous forces to pursue her poisonous perfection, she is truly a mad scientist.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Special StrikerAgility1422660
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1367675

Super Powers

  • Virulence: Special Damage and apply 3 Bleeds to an enemy. If target already had Bleed, apply 1 Bleed to a random enemy. Legendary: Bleeds on target have duration increased by 1.
  • Antivenom: Heal all allies. Additional 2% True Heal per Bleed on enemy team (Max 20%). Legendary: Cooldown -1.
  • Gas Grenade: Apply 1 Bleed to all enemies. 10% True Damage to enemy team. Additional Light Special Damage to enemy team per Bleed on enemy team. Legendary: Apply 2 Heal Immunities to random enemies.
  • Master of Poisons: Passive ability – At the end of her turn, 61% chance for all enemies to take 1% True Damage per Bleed on enemy team (Max 30%). Legendary: Also apply 1 Bleed to a random enemy and maximum True Damage possible raised to 45%.
  • Master of Antidotes: Passive ability – At the beginning of her turn, 61% chance to Light Heal all allies. Legendary: If there are 6+ Bleeds on enemy team, double amount healed.

Legendary Order

1 – 3 – (2/4) – 5

Doctor Poison brings a unique benefit to the fight with her 1st upgrade, increasing the duration of bleeds on the target — something no other character has. This makes her kit even more potent, and is hands down her best upgrade. Heal immunity on her 3rd move is also beneficial. Her 5th move offers a light heal to begin with, and the legendary effect being gated behind six bleeds — while not impossible by any means, is just less useful than her other upgrades for what it provides.


Doctor Poison loves to bleed the enemy team dry, but with her very low health pool — one of the lowest in the game — she must hide behind a beefy body to absorb the damage, making her great allies with characters like Lobo. Her slow speed also makes bringing turn meter manipulation into battle a near necessity, which is why Cheetah can give Doctor Poison the speed boost she needs.

Cheetah, Lobo, Chemo, Constantine, Swamp Thing, Vixen

Countered By

Keeping the enemy team clean of bleeding debuffs cripples Doctor Poison’s potency. Characters like Wonder Woman – Princess of Themyscira can help keep the entire team clear of debuffs, and characters that passively purge debuffs also fit the bill.

Wonder Woman Princess of Themyscira, Superman, Jessica Cruz, Flash


Doctor Poison is a unique character with a powerful range of tools to debilitate the enemy team. She is a specialist that requires her teammates to strengthen her, be it through turn meter or applying bleeds — or preferably both. Truly devastating results occur when the entire team supports her; with her healing capabilities and deadly bleeds that she can put out, she can elevate any bleed team to new levels of crazy.

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