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Flash – Fastest Man Alive

A freak lightning bolt gave forensic scientist Barry Allen the power of the Speed Force, making him the Fastest Man Alive!

After his mother was killed and the culprit never caught, Barry Allen dedicated himself to solving crimes as a forensic scientist. His single-mindedness left little time for anything else and kept him always running late until the day a mysterious lightning bolt struck and empowered him with the Speed Force. Able to run at practically the speed of light, Allen is the fastest man alive — but he’s still running late to his appointments.


Flash is a Physical Striker Energy character with a base speed of 101. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Speed Punch: Light damage to an enemy, 50% chance for multistrike. Legendary: 35% chance to gain 1 Speed Up.
  • Red Streak: Gain 2 Speed Ups, 100% chance to purge 2 debuffs from self. Legendary: Gain Debuff Immunity.
  • Speed Force Vortex: Damage to enemy, +5% damage per Speed Up on Flash (Max 50%). Legendary: Cooldown -1
  • One Speed: Passive ability – 41% chance to use Speed Punch on random enemy at end of turn if Flash has 3+ Speed Ups. Legendary: Extra 25% chance to use Red Streak. Legendary 2: 25% chance to use Speed Force Vortex.

Legendary Order


Flash is all about random attacks, and both upgrades on his passive ability help him to do just that! Debuff immunity and further speed ups help his kit get into its stride.


Flash loves to move fast, and pairing him with other fast allies like Kid Flash can work well.

Kid Flash, Cheetah, Batman – World’s Greatest Detective

Countered By

Those who can keep the flash stunned can disable his passive attacks, and those who apply turn meter down will also keep him from getting a turn. This makes characters like Black CanaryKiller Frost and Wonder Woman – Defender of Justice capable of taking him down.

Black Canary, Killer Frost, Wonder Woman – Defender of Justice, Cheetah


Flash is a speedy character, naturally, but his damage is pretty light unless he’s chaining multiple attacks. His legendary upgrades let him do just that — although it’s arguable that there are better Energy characters, even if they don’t move quite as fast.

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