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Wonder Woman – Princess of Themyscira

Raised away from the modern world, Amazon Princess Diana combines the skills of an ancient warrior with the heart of a champion.

Born among the legendary Amazons of Greek myth, Princess Diana has a fierce warrior’s heart while being an emissary of peace. On a hidden island paradise, she was trained in the arts of combat as well as justice and equality. Diana ventured into the ‘world of men’ armed with magical gifts from the gods and a message for all men and women – that all the world can be united through compassion strength and understanding.


Wonder Woman – Princess of Themyscira is a Physical Tank Mystical character with a base speed of 80. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Amazon Strike: Damage to enemy. 100% chance to purge 1 debuff from Wonder Woman. Legendary: Purge 1 debuff on each ally if Wonder Woman has no debuffs.
  • Power of Truth: Purge 9 debuffs from self, purge 4 debuffs from allies and apply 10% turn meter up to allies. Legendary: Apply Debuff Immunity to all allies.
  • Fury of Zeus: Heavy damage and purge 5 buffs from enemy. Legendary: Apply Buff Immunity to enemy.
  • Bracelets of Reflection: Passive ability – When taking damage, transfer debuff on Wonder Woman to a random enemy, 100% chance to transfer additional debuff. If no debuff, also apply Silence. Legendary: 20% chance to use Amazon Strike on attacker.
  • Finest of the Amazons: Team Leader – At the end of her turn, 100% chance to  use Fury of Zeus if no allies have a debuff or Power of Truth if all allies have a debuff. Legendary: Agility +60% and Speed +15%

Legendary Order


Wonder Woman is truly a candidate for Legendary rank 5 with all her upgrades being great. She hits her stride at L3, with her leadership upgrade as well as her Debuff and Buff immunity upgrades. This makes her a powerhouse against buff and debuff heavy teams — which is a majority of the roster. The upgrade on her leadership gives her better speed and defense, helping her to outlast her enemies — even Physical ones.


Wonder Woman works well with many characters, but taking a focus on her ability to purge debuffs and apply immunities, she works particularly well with characters like Red RobinWonder Girl, and others.

Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Dr Fate, Silver Banshee

Countered By

Wonder Woman is a tank — meaning you’ll need to bring some heavy Physical characters to deal with her quickly. And you’ll want to deal with her quickly — every turn she gets, she can cleanse her team or apply buff immunity to yours! Evasions also counter her — her moves can miss.

Batman Caped Crusader, Harley Quinn Mad Jester, Batgirl, Red Robin


Wonder Woman – Princess of Themyscira is arguably the game’s best version of Wonder Woman. She’s a fantastic leader and can hold her own in both PvP and PvE content.

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