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Sinestro – Yellow Lantern

Once considered the Greatest Green Lantern, Sinestro wields the power of fear in an attempt to rule the universe as a tyrant.

With an overriding ambition to bring order to the universe, Thaal Sinestro was a respected Green Lantern who abused his power to make himself absolute overlord of his home world of Korugar. Banished for his crimes to the anti-matter universe of Qward, while in exile he managed to forge a power ring powered by the yellow light of fear. Now Sinestro leads his own Lantern Corps dedicated to terrifying the universe into unconditional submission.


Sinestro is a Mixed Support Energy character with a base speed of 54. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Sinestro’s Might: Damage and apply 3 Affinity Resistance Down to an enemy. Legendary: Purge 8 buffs if target is taunting.
  • Bone Saws: Light special damage to all enemies, cooldown -1 if an enemy is killed. Legendary: Damage +70% if an enemy has shield.
  • Fear Itself: Apply Enrage and 42% turn meter down to an enemy. Legendary: Cooldown -1
  • Feed on Terror: Passive ability – Heal and 40% turn meter to Sinestro whenever an enemy is stunned or Enraged. Legendary: Gain 5 Mends.
  • Fear Me: Team Leader – All allies have a 90% chance to gain 1 Strength Up whenever an enemy gets Enraged. Legendary: Gain +1 Strength Up.

Legendary Order


Sinestro’s legendary upgrades don’t bring any outstanding synergy with the rest of his kit, so consider what each of them does and what this brings to your team when deciding what to upgrade first.


Sinestro can work well with characters who enjoy feasting on taunters like Batman – The Dark Knight, those who apply Enrage like Harley Quinn – Mad Jester and those who can stun like Vixen.

Batman The Dark Knight, Harley Quinn Mad Jester, Vixen, Killer Croc

Countered By

Hard hitting Mystic characters can take Sinestro down to size, and characters like Wonder Girl can take an Enrage debuff and turn it into Sinestro’s greatest fear – death.

Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman – Princess of Themyscira, Wonder Woman – Defender of Justice


Sinestro is a slow character that gains most of his turn meter by his allies  applying stuns and enraging the enemy. He doesn’t see much play in the game.

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Wonder Woman – Princess of Themyscira

Harley Quinn – Quite Vexing