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Lex Luthor – Assault Warsuit

Genius businessman, inventor, and scientist, Lex Luthor sees himself as humanity’s true savior…even if he has to threaten society to save it.

The only thing that exceeds Lex Luthor’s genius is his arrogance and uncompromising hatred for Superman. Viewing him as an alien menace that threatens Earth, not to mention being an affront to ‘mere humans’ such as himself, Lex directs his unrivaled scientific intellect and vast financial resources towards thwarting Superman. Lex Luthor could have been one of Earth’s greatest champions —  if not for his single-minded envy and supreme arrogance.


Lex Luthor – Assault Warsuit is a Mixed Tank Physical character with a base speed of 62. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • A Cut Above: Damage to single enemy, +90% damage if Lex is above 50% health. Legendary: +50% crit chance if Lex is above 50% health.
  • Man of the Hour: Gain 40% shield and 4 Stamina Ups. Legendary: Gain Damage Immunity if Lex is above 50% health.
  • Anti-Alien Strike: Special damage to an enemy, purge 5 buffs and apply 4 Strength Downs. Legendary: +100% hit chance and purge 3 buffs.
  • Nuclear Option: Special Damage to all enemies, purge 7 Debuffs from Lex. Starts on 5 turn cooldown. Legendary: Damage +100% if Lex is at full health.
  • You Scratch My Back: Team Leader – Apply 4 Affinity Ups and 13% turn meter to allies that buff Lex. Legendary: Apply 8% shield to allies that buff Lex.

Legendary Order


Lex’s ability to gain Damage Immunity greatly increases his survivability and keeps his health up to where his other moves can reap the benefits of his high health. Giving him +100% hit chance is also helpful, especially against Evaders.


Those who apply team buffs work well with Lex, so characters like Medphyll and Swamp Thing can really get his team leader bonus going while keeping him healed.

Cheetah, Medphyll, Swamp Thing, Wonder Girl

Countered By

Those who can strip his buffs and damage immunity as well as apply buff and heal immunity can make it hard for Lex to make a comeback.

Red Robin, Swamp Thing, Huntress, Supergirl, Larfleeze


Lex Luthor is a slow character that doesn’t see much usage throughout the game in competitive environments. He has a lot of gates for his kit to be effective,

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