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Supergirl – Last Daughter of Krypton

Kara Zor-El has all the awesome powers of her Kryptonian cousin Superman but with the impulsivity and uncertainties of a teenager.

Escaping Krypton’s destruction, Kara was raised in the colony city of Argo with her family until Argo too was threatened. Sent to Earth like her cousin Superman, Kara’s rocket landed years after him. With her adopted Earth family, Kara ent now copes with adjusting to a new world, a set of unfamiliar super powers and all the teenage anxieties that come with growing up in the shadow of the most famous hero on the planet.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Mixed SupportAgility1340735
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1465675

Super Powers

  • Heat Vision Sweep: Damage and apply 1 Crit Chance Downs to all enemies. Legendary: Apply 2 Additional Crit Chance Down and Heal Immunity.
  • Strength of Hope: Apply 2 Affinity Resistance Ups to all allies and 28% Turn Meter to a random ally. Legendary: Apply Death Immunity to a random ally.
  • Boulder Slam: Damage to all enemies. +50% damage if an ally is below 50% health. Legendary: Apply 7 Critical Chance Downs to all enemies.
  • Save the Day: Passive ability – Gain 40% Turn Meter and apply 2 Agility Ups to all allies each time an enemy gains a Crit Chance Up on their turn. Legendary: Also gain 3 Strength Ups.
  • House of El: Passive ability – All enemies gain -40% Critical Damage. Legendary: At the start of each ally turn, 70% chance to grant them 1 Agility Up.

Legendary Order


Supergirl’s biggest utility comes from her 1st upgrade, giving every enemy heal immunity and crit chance downs. This makes her a very hard counter to pesky revive teams and anyone who relies on healing to sustain their momentum or cheat death. Her other upgrades are lackluster in comparison, making her more than efficient at L1.


Supergirl can provide immunities in spades, which in turn helps characters like Doctor Fate and Silver Banshee get some extra damage in. Her ability to give allies a buff on their turn also makes her great friends with Star Sapphire who can keep Supergirl in the fight with some nice healing.

Doctor Fate, Star Sapphire, Silver Banshee, Green Arrow – Emerald Archer

Countered By

Supergirl weakens the enemy’s critical damage, but she still takes extra damage from Mystic characters who can make quick work of her. Once Supergirl falls, her passives fall off too — opening the team up to hard and heavy hits. Supergirl’s attacks can miss, making her susceptible to evade teams.

Wonder Woman – Champion of the Amazons, Harley Quinn – Mad Jester, Wonder Girl, Huntress, Swamp Thing


Supergirl is a speedy character that can apply immunities on the enemy that can certainly change the tide of battle. She’s particularly useful against teams that utilize characters who come back from the dead or that rely heavily on healing. She also helps glass cannons survive critical attacks, allowing them to dish out more damage of their own. Don’t expect her to deal much damage herself though — Supergirl is weak when it comes to damage, but wonderful when it comes to pure utility.

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