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Huntress – The Zealous Crusader

Helena Bertinelli grew up in a family of mobsters, but instead of taking over the family business, she now ruthlessly tries to tear it down.

The daughter of a powerful Gotham City Mafioso boss, Helena Bertinelli witnessed her family assassinated by rivals. Fleeing the country, she trained for years until returning as a vigilante. Though devoutly religious, the Huntress pursues her vendetta against criminals without pity and is not above extreme measures. But with some guidance, she strives to walk the straight and narrow as both a dedicated school teacher and crime fighter.


Huntress is a Physical Striker Physical character with a base speed of 91. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Merciless Shot: Damage to an enemy. +100% Crit Chance if target is below 50% Health. Legendary: 10% True Damage to targets below 50% health. Legendary 2: Also apply heal immunity to targets below 50% health.
  • Bird of Prey: Gain 4 Evasion Ups, 80% Chance for 3 Speed Ups. Legendary: Gain 35% Turn Meter
  • The Big Hit: Heavy damage to an enemy. +115% damage if an enemy is dead. Legendary: Gain 3 Strength Ups if target is killed.
  • No Rest: 100% Chance to use Bird of Prey after killing an enemy on Huntress’s turn. Legendary: Also gain 5 Crit Chance Ups.

Legendary Order


While it doesn’t seem like much, gaining 35% turn meter when using Bird of Prey is no small bonus, especially once her passive is upgraded to use it each time she kills an enemy. Then, you’ll want to capitalize on that bonus and gain 5 Crit Chance for each enemy she kills. Seeing as the Big Hit already does so much damage, the strength ups are trivial and should be saved for her final upgrade. Gaining true damage and heal immunity on her basic to low health targets is a very important part of her kit.


Huntress pairs incredibly well with heroes who can buff her to be even more of a powerful striker than she already is. Heroes like Wonder Woman Champion of the Amazons, who grant strength ups, and Cheetah, who does the same while providing turn meter are a great pick. She pairs incredibly well with Deadshot Hired Gun on team lead, ensuring a critical hit on the first turn. She also pairs well in evasion teams, such as Batgirl lead. Check below for a list of recommended allies!

Batgirl, Deadshot –  Hired Gun, Cheetah, Wonder Woman – CotA

Countered By

Huntress is countered quite heavily by heroes who can’t miss, especially energy heroes. She may have sustainable evasions and heavy damage, but she isn’t quite strong enough to tank any hit that comes her away. Heroes that can purge or deal extra damage based on enemy evasions also quickly shut Huntress down.

Terra, Starfire, Superman, Cyborg Superman, Raven


As easily farmable as Huntress is, she is still considered a top tier hero. She works well to fill a powerful physical striker slot in many team comps.

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