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Power Girl – Last Daughter of Earth-2

Hailing from an alternate universe’s Krypton, Kara Zor-L now uses her powers to protect this reality’s Earth.

Like Supergirl, Kara Zor-L survived the destruction of Krypton, but her Krypton was in an alternate reality of the Multiverse. As a Kryptonian, her vast super powers allowed her to escape the collapse of Earth-2 and arrive on our universe’s Earth. Taking up the mantle of Power Girl and the secret identity of Karen Starr, she fights alongside our Earth’s greatest heroes in the battle against evil.


Power Girl stats at Level 80, Legendary 5, Gear Rank 11

AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical StrikerAgility1376710
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1411675

Super Powers

  • Power Punch: Damage to an enemy, gain +2 Strength Ups. Legendary: 40% Chance to strike twice.
  • Solar Charge: Gain Taunt, +5 Str Ups, +20% Turn Meter. Legendary: Start battle with Taunt and Death Immunity.
  • Zor-L-Slam: Damage all Enemies, Ignore Shields. Legendary: +30% Damage if Powergirl has 5+ Strength Ups.
  • You’re Dealing with Me!: Passive ability – If Power Girl takes Damage, Gain 25% Turn Meter, +1 Strength Up. Legendary: Also 40% Chance to use Power Punch on Attacker if Power Girl has 4+ Strength Ups.
  • Earth-2 Survivor: Passive ability – At beginning of each enemy turn, 65% chance to gain Death Immunity if Power Girl has 4+ Strength Ups. Legendary: Equal Chance to Gain 20% overheal.

Legendary Order


Power Girl can tank quite a bit of damage by starting off the battle with a taunt and death immunity that her 2nd upgrade provides. Her 4th and 1st upgrade also work well together — if she counterattacks, it can punch twice, making for truly devastating blows! Her 5th upgrade helps give her some form of sustain without needing a dedicated healer, and it also makes her a priority target for death; Powergirl can come back from 0 health if she has death immunity and is left alone thanks to that heal!


Power Girl loves strength ups, making her work very well with characters like Wonder Girl who Power Girl can protect and Wonder Girl can, in return, boost Power Girl and make her more likely to heal herself. Her double strike on her basic attack also makes her a great addition to teams where she will be called to assist.

Wonder Girl, Atrocitus, Wonder Woman – CoTa, Cheetah

Countered By

Beware enemies that can cripple Power Girl’s ability to strengthen herself up. Killer Croc can completely dismantle Power Girl, stripping her of all her strength ups and purging her taunt and death immunity. Other buff purgers, especially Mystic ones like Wonder Girl can tear Power Girl down to size.

Killer Croc, Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman – DoJ, Wonder Woman – PoT


Power Girl is a fantastic taunting character who can protect other members of her team while still managing to pack quite a punch. She is built to deal damage, so it’s important to bring along teammates who can help her keep her strength up buffs going — if she loses them and her death immunity falls off, she doesn’t have the health pool of a tank to withstand many hits!

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