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Superboy – Jon Kent

Half Kryptonian and half human, the energetic son of Superman is bound for super-hero greatness like his father.

The young son of Superman and Lois Lane, Jon Kent’s Kryptonian powers promise to surpass even his father’s — if he can just learn to use them properly. To safely master his abilities and become a hero, Superman arranges for Jon to train with Damian Wayne, the newest Robin and Son of Batman. As a hero-in-training, Jon shows the sharp mind of his mother, the great heart of his father, and an unshakable commitment to truth and justice.


Superboy stats at Level 80, Legendary 5, Gear Rank 11

AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Special SupportAgility1361610
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1391700

Super Powers

  • Super Slam: Light Damage to an enemy, if Superboy has True Sight, Purge 2 Immunity, 2 Invisibilty, and 2 Taunt. Legendary: 30% Chance to Stun if Superboy has True Sight.
  • Heat-Vision Burst: Special Damage to an enemy. Gain 3 True Sights. Legendary: Purge 2 to 5 Buffs
  • Frost Breath: Apply Stun. 20% chance for extra Stun duration. Legendary: 50% chance to use Super Slam on random target. 25% chance for a second Super Slam.
  • Emerging Super-Senses: Passive ability – At start of turn, 80% Chance to gain True Sight. Legendary: If Superboy already has True Sight, also 40% chance to gain Damage Immunity.
  • Natural Hero Instincts: Passive ability – At the end of each ally’s turn, gain 8% Turn Meter Up if any hero has Taunt or Invisibility. Legendary: Apply Turn Meter Up +5% to random ally.

Legendary Order


Superboy’s kit is interesting on paper, but rather lackluster in battle. His chance to hit twice and apply a stun are both nice upgrades.


With the right upgrades, Superboy could work on a stun team with characters like Killer Frost. His ability to purge and use True Sight also makes him work well with characters like Catwoman and Red Robin.

Catwoman, Red Robin, Killer Frost, Hawkgirl

Countered By

Superboy outputs weak damage and has the gear set of a Special Support, meaning he’s unlikely to deal much damage and very easily killed. This makes him easy prey, especially for Mystic characters.

Wonder Woman DoJ, Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman – PoT


Superboy’s weak damage makes him a liability, coupled with the fact that he only gives himself True Sight. It’s nice that he can see through the enemy’s taunts and invisibility, but when he can’t hit above his weight, the True Sight is nearly useless because he can’t secure a kill. Red Robin in particular can provide better True Sight manipulation, turn meter up, and damage, making Superboy far outclassed.

What do you think?

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