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Deathstroke – The Terminator

Super-human mercenary Slade Wilson takes pride in being the best and most ruthless assassin in the world.

While serving in Elite Covert Ops Unit Team 7, Slade Wilson volunteered for an experiment to create a super-soldier. The other test subjects died but Wilson’s mind and body were dramatically enhanced. After Team 7 was dissolved, an embittered Wilson used his lethal skills to become a mercenary, establishing himself as the world’s deadliest assassin. Ruthless and unscrupulous, Deathstroke is a killer who fulfills his contracts no matter what.


Deathstroke is a Physical Tank Physical character with a base speed of 71. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Covering Fire: Damage to an enemy. 50% chance to silence target. Legendary: 50% turn meter down on target if Deathstroke is at full health.
  • Lazarus Sanction: Damage to an enemy. 100% Chance to gain Awareness. Legendary: 50% chance to silence target.
  • Termination: Damage to an enemy. Silence target if Deathstroke has awareness or a positive immunity. +150% Damage if Target is silenced. Legendary: Gain 100% Turn Meter if Target is killed.
  • Tactical Genius(Passive): Gain 3 Awareness at the start of combat. 100% Chance for +2 Awareness. Legendary: Gain 8 mends and death immunity after taking damage for the first time.
  • Army of One(Team Leader): Whenever a teammate dies, Deathstroke gains 5 Speed Ups, 6 Strength Ups and 50% Turn Meter. Legendary: Also gain 2 awareness when a teammate dies.

Legendary Order


Deathstroke has essentially all great upgrades, so in the end, you can upgrade based on how you want to use him. He works best as a team leader, so his passives are a must have. Gaining two awareness on ally death can come massively in handy, especially in revive comps. Deathstroke should stack awareness quite well, making his next passive even better when your opponents finally manage to get a hit on him, granting him heavy mends and death immunity. With the turn meter down on his basic at full health, Deathstroke can almost ensure high profile targets don’t get the chance to act.


The most notable allies for Deathstroke are team compositions that place him in the lead with several characters who can revive themselves or other people. When an ally dies, Deathstroke gains a powerful buff, so allies that repeatedly die can take Deathstroke from being a tank to a complete offensive monster. Heroes like Solomon Grundy and Lobo who can revive multiple times fit this bill perfectly. Deathstroke also shines as a speed control hero, pairing well with other heroes who apply turn meter down to ensure enemies never get their turns. Check below for a list of recommended allies!

Lobo, Solomon Grundy, Atrocitus, Swamp Thing, Black Canary, Kid Flash, Reverse Flash

Countered By

Deathstroke falls incredibly fast to heroes who have the ability to strip awareness quickly, taking away the most tanky part of his kit. Heroes who can purge multiple buffs, such as Batgirl, also purge his awareness. Bleeders like Dr. Poison and Siren, who apply damage on top of their bleeds, can massacre a full stack of awareness, leaving Deathstroke defenseless. Then there are heroes specifically designed to counter awareness, such as Red Hood, who can strip all of them quickly, and Katana, who can steal them all in one strike.

Siren, Red Hood, Katana, Catwoman, Dr. Poison


Deathstroke was once the most terrifying thing to come across and ran rampant over the PVP. It resulted in a massive nerf, but that nerf didn’t quite cripple the character. Instead, more characters were released and reworked to be able to counter him and the plethora of revive teams he led. All in all, Deathstroke is a great team leader, but pales in comparison to his former self.

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