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Raven – Daughter of Demons

Being the daughter of a demon lord grants Rachel Roth mystical powers, but using them could eventually enslave her to her father’s will.

Raised in the peaceful dimension of Azarath, Rachel Roth is the daughter of a human mother and the evil Demon Lord Trigon. With her demonic heritage, she has vast powers but was taught to control her emotions to prevent her father from gaining control over her. When her home was threatened by Trigon, she fled to Earth to find help. There, she struggles to fit in as the daughter of a demon seeking the purity within her own soul.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Special StrikerAgility1385660
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1321675

Super Powers

  • Shadow Blast: Special Damage and apply 3 Crit Chance Downs to an enemy. Legendary: If Raven is debuffed, +25% damage. If not buffed or debuffed, 50% chance Raven gains 1 Awareness.
  • Empathic Healing: Heavy Overheal on an ally. Raven takes 5% True Damage. Legendary: Purge 6 debuffs from ally. Overheal increased +15% per debuff purged. Raven acquires 4 random debuffs purged from target.
  • Daughter of Trigon: Heavy Special Damage and apply 4 Int Downs to an enemy. Legendary: Can’t Miss. Purge 10 buffs if target has Evasion Up.
  • Demon’s Acumen: Passive ability – 31% chance to deal Special Damage to enemies that damage Raven. Legendary: If Raven is debuffed, same chance to deal damage if any ally is hit. Also Silence attacking enemies.
  • Weaver of Darkness:  Passive ability – All enemies gain -45% Critical Chance. Legendary: All enemies gain -20% Affinity Power.

Legendary Order


With the legendary upgrade of her third power, Raven has the ability to negate the effectiveness of evasion toons, such as Harley Quinn, Siren, etc. On top of that, while healing an ally, she can remove several debuffs from them, which are two very important upgrades. Her passive ability helps her and fellow Mystic characters survive heavy attacks from Physicals, and it is a genuinely good all around upgrade for a defensive team. Her other upgrades rely on her being debuffed, making them somewhat less crucial. While her first upgrade looks tempting, it only offers an increase in damage or a 50% chance for an Awareness — and that randomness can be hard to control when you need it most.


Raven synergizes well with heroes who can grant turn meter, considering she has a wildly low base speed. She also benefits from a taunter being around, considering her low defense and health. Check below for a recommended list of allies:

Starfire, Red Robin, Kid Flash, Power Girl, Clayface, Wonder Woman DOJ

Countered By

Raven has one of the, if not the, lowest health pools in the game. Coupled with her low defense, she falls victim to any physical hero who packs a decent punch. She also falls victim to heroes who apply heal immunity, taking away an essential part of her kit.

Batman Caped Crusader, Bane, Atrocitus, Red Hood, Deadshot Hired Gun, Huntress


Raven’s rework gave her some much needed power, and her healing is now on par with other characters in the game. She has a well balanced kit, and is a great defensive characters that can give other characters a little extra protection to help get them rolling. With that said, her low speed and health makes her a high priority for the enemy team, meaning she will need to be protected, either through Awareness buffs or a taunter.

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