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Nightwing – The Aerial Avenger

After being trained to be the first Robin, the adult Dick Grayson now steps out of his mentor’s shadow as Nightwing.

Born to a circus family, Dick was the youngest and most talented acrobat of the Flying Graysons. After his family was murdered, Dick came to the attention of Bruce Wayne, who recognized the boy’s grief and determination. Taking him under his wing, Batman trained Dick to fight crime as Robin, protege to Batman. After years as a sidekick though, Grayson needed to be a hero on his own terms. Now he flies through the air with the greatest of ease as Nightwing.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical StrikerAgility1415710
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1406675

Super Powers

  • Tumbling Combo: Damage to an enemy. 50% chance to apply invisibility to each teammate. Legendary: Gain 2 Evasion ups.
  • Electrified Eskrima: Special Damage to all enemies. Gain 6 Agility Up. Legendary: Apply 8 Agility Downs to one random enemy.
  • The Flying Grayson: Heavy damage and call Assist on an enemy. 70% chance to call a second Assist. Legendary: Apply 2 Evasion Ups to Assisting teammates.
  • Trapeze Artist: Passive Ability – Nightwing has 85% increased Defense while he has Evasion Up. Legendary: Start battle with 2 Evasion Ups and 1 Awareness.
  • Tag-Team Fighter: Team Leader – 30% chance to use Tumbling Combo on a random enemy after a team member’s turn if any team member is invisible. Legendary: Equal chance to gain 25% Turn Meter up.

Legendary Order


Nightwing can become quite evasive with some legendary upgrades, and his 3rd move grants him a power few other characters have — the ability to pass evasion ups to characters who would otherwise not be able to get them. His passive upgrade helps his survivability, considering he should always have an evasion to keep him buffed up! If you don’t see yourself utilizing Nightwing as a leader, his 5th upgrade can be saved for last.


Nightwing works well with other characters who like invisibility and evasion ups. Pairing him with someone like Red Robin allows both of them to get random attacks in after each turn if Nightwing is leading.

Red Robin, Black Canary, Batgirl, Harley Quinn – Mad Jester, Beast Boy

Countered By

Characters who can cut through Nightwing’s evasions and see through his invisibility counter him.

Red Robin, Steppenwolf, Terra, Starfire, Superman, Cyborg Superman


Nightwing has a fun and interesting kit, but in most cases he is out shined by other evaders or invisible characters. Leaders like Batgirl or Black Canary can more efficiently pass evasion ups to the team, and Red Robin doesn’t require a leader slot to proc random hits. With that said, his recent rework has made him more sustainable as a leader, offering better protection to his team by making it so they can stay invisible while he dodges hits, eliminating the need to rely heavily on a taunter.

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