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Cyborg Superman – Man-Machine of Steel

A product of Kryptonian technology after a tragic accident, astronaut Hank Henshaw seeks revenge against Superman.

During a space mission, astronaut Hank Henshaw and his wife were killed in an accident, but Henshaw survived as a disembodied consciousness. Managing to interface with the Kryptonian birthing matrix that carried Superman to earth, Henshaw used it to give himself a body with Superman’s DNA and resurrect himself as a man-machine hybrid. Blaming Superman for the death of his wife, Henshaw now obsessively seeks revenge against the Man of Steel.


Cyborg Superman is a Physical Tank Energy character with a base speed of 80. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Techno-Organic Arsenal: Damage to an enemy. Gain 5% shield plus 5% per buff on the enemy (20% max). Legendary: Can’t miss and next attack can’t miss.
  • The Man of Tomorrow: Passive ability – Start battle with 32%, Immunity to Critical Hits and Immunity to Heals. Legendary: Gain 5 Affinity Resistance
  • Disintegrating Glare: Special damage to an enemy, applies 10 Critical Chance Downs. Legendary: Purge all positive immunities and Awareness from target
  • Annihilation Protocol: High Damage to an Enemy. Cooldown -1 When Cyborg Superman has Shields at the end of any hero’s turn. Legendary: Gain 10 Critical Chance Ups
  • Treacherous Manipulator: Team Leader – Gain 10% shield when a teammate does damage on their turn. Legendary: Once per battle, when Cyborg Superman has less than 100% HP, he gains 50% shield and 50% turn meter.

Legendary Order


Cyborg Superman’s best upgrades are his 1st and 3rd move, giving him the necessary tools to handle pesky evasion teams and those that rely heavily on Awareness.


Cyborg Superman works best with allies who can pass him shields and other can’t miss characters. Lanterns like Atrocitus work well because he can help shield him as well as speed him up and call him for assist.

Atrocitus, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Jessica Cruz, Constantine, Penguin

Countered By

Cyborg Superman has a large health pool and he hides behind shields, making taking him down a challenge. The best way to get his health down is with bleeds, because they do a percentage of his large health. Most bleed characters like Cheetah also have an affinity advantage, dealing extra damage. Characters like Reverse Flash can also ignore his shields.

Cheetah, Chemo, Constantine, Power Girl, Reverse Flash


Cyborg Superman is more than capable of stopping evasion teams, and his Annihilation Protocol can deal very heavy damage. Using it after his basic guarantees it can’t miss, and a pesky Physical character like Harley Quinn – Mad Jester hiding behind a wall of evasions is more likely than not to fall.

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