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Two-Face – Duke of Duality

Former D.A. Harvey Dent became Two-Face after a mob boss threw acid at him, destroying his face and shattering his sanity.

While the Dark Knight protected Gotham at nights, during the day D.A. Harvey Dent served as its White Knight. An important ally of both Batman and Commissioner Gordon, he was targeted by a mob boss who threw acid onto the left side of his face, scarring him for life. This incident drove Harvey insane, becoming the criminal mastermind, Two-Face. Obsessed with chance, he always carries a double-headed coin, which he uses to determine his every decision.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical SupportAgility1289710
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1499925

Super Powers

  • Twin Pistols: Two light damage shots to an enemy. If Harvey, apply 1 Crit Immunity to a random ally. If Two-Face, always apply 2 Evasion Downs to the enemy. Legendary: 50% chance to fire 2 extra light damage shots at random enemies.
  • Coin Flip: 50% chance to become Harvey. Apply 2 Hit Chance Ups and 2 Crit Chance Ups to all allies. 50% chance to become Two-Face. Apply 4 Hit Chance Downs and 4 Crit Chance Downs to an enemy. Legendary: 50% chance to call an Assist.
  • Justice For All: Damage to all enemies. If Harvey, Purge 3 Debuffs from all allies. If Two-Face, +30% extra damage. Legendary: +50% Crit Chance and Crit Damage.
  • Good Fortune: At the beginning of his turn: If Harvey, 50% chance to apply 2 Hit Chance Ups to all allies. If Two-Face, 50% chance to apply 2 Evasion Downs to all enemies. Legendary: 50% chance to reduce Justice For All’s cooldown by 1.
  • Tough Luck: When an ally deals Critical Damage: If Harvey, 50% chance to Purge 5 Debuffs from ally. If Two-Face, 50% chance to Apply 25% Turn Meter Down to target. Legendary: 50% chance to double Debuffs Purged or Turn Meter Down applied.

Legendary Order


On paper, Two-Face’s ability to apply 50% Turn Meter down with his upgraded legendary passive seems amazing — but like the rest of his kit, it’s highly dependent on the flip of a coin and should be saved for later. His less random upgrades, like his 3rd, give him guaranteed higher Crit Chance and Damage — which can help boost this support character’s otherwise paltry damage output, making for a good first choice. Upgrading his basic attack adds more utility to his spot on the team; were he to be called in for an assist, he can potentially fire four shots, easily stripping away characters hiding behind Awareness and other buffs.


Two-Face works well with allies who can deal Critical attacks often, helping him to proc his passive. Pairing him with a character like Green Arrow – The Emerald Archer can make for some pretty devastating crit attacks. He can also add some more guaranteed hits to a team designed to take down Evaders, but it’s worth noting that he sadly becomes more situational here — allies who are designed to take down Evasion characters don’t really need his Evasion Downs or Hit Chances Up.

Green Arrow – The Emerald Archer, Green Arrow – Castaway, Deadshot – Hired Gun, Steppenwolf, Harley Quinn – Quite Vexing

Countered By

Two-Face is a support Physical character without much to sustain him, meaning that hard-hitting Energy characters will find it easy to take him down. Characters like Power Girl and Starfire are more than capable of handling him thanks to their Area of Effect attacks that can bypass any taunting characters Two-Face may hide behind.

Power Girl, Starfire, Cyborg, Jessica Cruz


Two-Face gives more control over his kit than other random characters in the game, but that doesn’t make him any less hit or miss. With the right allies, Two-Face can help control the enemy team to a grinding halt. While on paper he can help take down teams that rely on dodging attacks thanks to Evasion Downs and Hit Chances Up, he still can easily put his team in danger when characters like Wonder Girl are present on the enemy team. With that in mind, “Harvey” can be great for PvE content, while “Two-Face” is the character best suited for PvP. The problem with Two-Face’s PvP viability comes in the coin toss at the start of the match — if he ends up being Harvey, you have to waste at least one turn hoping he becomes Two-Face. In the fast-paced PvP arena, one flip of the coin can be too late.

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