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Riddler – The Prince of Puzzles

After years as a working class man, Edward Nygma decided to turn his intellect towards crime, and onto the only one he deemed worthy: Batman.

Edward Nashton was born an inquisitive and incredibly smart child. As an adult he found out his genius was not being used to its full extent, so he chose to turn to crime and use it for his own advantage. Causing mayhem in Gotham with his puzzling crimes and indecipherable murders, he became the Riddler. His clever feats were so baffling that it required the World’s Greatest Detective to catch him and commit him into Arkham Asylum.


AboutStatValueGear Bonus
Physical SupportAgility1571710
Pvp Master Tier RankingStamina1245925

Super Powers

  • Concussion Strike: Damage to an enemy. Apply 4 Agility Down. Legendary: Also apply 3 Intelligence Down.
  • Shocking Revelation: Always apply 4 Speed Down and 4 Evasion Down to the target. 60% Chance to also Stun if target has Agility Down. Legendary: 40% Chance to use Shocking Revelation on an additional random enemy.
  • Riddle me THAT!: Apply Taunt and 8 Agility Down to a target. Call assist on the target. Legendary: Gain True Sight and Awareness.
  • Feeble Minded: 85% Chance to apply 5 Speed Down on attackers when Riddler is hit. Legendary: Also apply 2 Agility Down.
  • Unsolvable Riddle: 80% chance Apply 1 Int Down and 1 Agility Down to a random enemy at the end of Riddler’s turn. Legendary: 30% chance to reset cooldown of Riddle me THAT! at the end of Riddler’s turn.

Legendary Order


Riddler is all about dumbing down his opponents with debuffs, and the chance to stun two characters (half the enemy team!) in one move makes his 2nd upgrade a great choice. While his True Sight and Awareness gained come after  applying taunt on his 3rd move makes it harder for Riddler to open up the enemy team and bypass their own taunters, the Awareness gained can really help him sustain himself; without it, characters like Power Girl absolutely destroy him. For his third upgrade, consider who you’ll be pairing him with and how well he will be protected from damage. Special Damage dealers like Constantine or Jessica Cruz would absolutely love the intelligence downs from his basic attack, although his 4th upgrade can also make it sting more when enemies do choose to hit him.


With the amount of debuffs Riddler passes out, he can set Constantine up for a very early Hellblazer nuke. Riddler also benefits from characters like Green Arrow – The Emerald Archer and Deadshot – Suicide Squad Hitman who can spread Agility Downs in spades to help weaken the enemy team and allow Riddler to get off a double stun. Riddler also has some interesting synergy with Martian Manhunter — when paired with Constantine, these three are often calling assists and protecting each other with Awareness, keeping themselves safe and opening the enemy team up for massive attacks.

Constantine, Green Arrow – The Emerald Archer, Deadshot – Suicide Squad, Martian Manhunter

Countered By

Power Girl absolutely destroys Riddler. She disables him from applying a taunt to an enemy of his choosing with her Round 0 taunt, and her counterattack can one-shot him if it strikes twice and he has no Awareness. Other hard-hitting Energy characters make it hard for Riddler to live long enough to get the job done.

Power Girl, Jessica Cruz, Starfire


While Riddler can toss out debuffs like crazy, he is entirely a support character and lacks any real heavy damage to make a dent in the enemy team, meaning you’ll have to bring in characters capable of outputting that damage, especially if facing Energy characters. Riddler can be a blast to play with and he certainly makes battles interesting, but it’s unlikely he’ll be shaking up the PvP scene any time soon.

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