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Deadshot – Suicide Squad Hitman

Floyd Lawton is an expert marksman and gun-for-hire with a death wish. For the right price, he’ll hit his target or die trying.

As a child, Floyd Lawton tried to end his abusive father’s reign of terror with a single shot. But when his aim went astray, Floyd accidentally killed his beloved brother instead. Vowing to never again miss, Lawson became the world’s greatest marksman and criminal gun-for-hire. Never quite shaking the guilt of his brother’s death, he harbors a reckless death wish with only his daughter Zoe giving him a reason to live.


Deadshot – Suicide Squad Hitman is a Physical Striker character with a base speed of 86. Below is a chart of the gear bonuses at rank 11.

StatGear 11 Bonus

Super Powers

  • Ricochet Shot: Damage to an enemy, +100 crit chance if target is shielded. +60% Crit Damage on shielded target. Legendary: Call assist if target has 4+ Agility Downs.
  • Scout Target: Apply 1 Agility Down and 28% turn meter down to an enemy. Legendary: Extra 1 Agility Down on random enemy.
  • Master of Arms: Damage to all enemies,  Gain 100% turn meter if all enemies have agility down. Legendary: Crit Chance +50%
  • Try That Again: Passive ability – 90% chance to use Scout Target on an enemy that deals damage to Deadshot. Legendary: Use Ricochet Shot if the attacker has 4 debuffs.
  • Bad Boys: Team Leader – 31% chance to apply 1 Agility Down to an enemy if they get a debuff. Legendary: Equal chance to cooldown -1 for Master of Arms.

Legendary Order



Deadshot slots rather well into teams where debuffs are being passed around freely, making him pair nicely with characters like Supergirl. 

Supergirl, Cheetah, Batman Beyond, Harley Quinn Mad Jester

Countered By

Debuff cleansing can keep Deadshot’s legendary attacks from going through, but a heavy hitting Energy character is also likely to be needed, such as Power Girl.

Power Girl, Batman Beyond, Superman, Jessica Cruz


Deadshot – Suicide Squad Hitman is a highly sought after character — but it’s mostly because of how rare it’s been to obtain him. He does have an insanely powerful AoE attack that can deal extreme amounts of damage. There are still many similar characters that do his job just as well, though.

What do you think?

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